Sunday, July 21, 2013

Earring Holder

I saw this craft on Pinterest (the most wonderful website ever) and I fell in love with the idea!! It's a cute and easy way to store all of your earrings. 

Here's What I Used:
A Cute Frame
Spray Paint 
Screen Wire
Super Glue 

Here's What I Did: 
I found a cheap frame at the Goodwill here in town. I removed the photo and cleaned the frame. I let the frame dry completely as I headed over to Lowe's. I went to the window section and bought screen wire. I then bought some super glue and spray paint. When I got home I spray painted the frame. My frame was plastic so spray paint worked really well. Afterwards, I cut the screen wire to fit my frame. I then super glued the screen wire to the back of the frame. I waited a while for the glue to dry and then hung it up!

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