Monday, August 5, 2013

Painted Wine Glasses

What you'll need:
  • Enamel Acrylic Paint ($2 at Walmart)
  • Wine Glass
  • Paint brushes 

  1. Clean the wine glass and let it dry. 
  2. Paint a cute design. Let the first coat dry for about 30 minutes before painting a second/third coat. 
  3. Place the glass on a cookie sheet and then stick it in the oven (IMPORTANT: the oven should not be turned on yet!!)
  4. Bake the glass according to the directions on the paint bottle. The paint I used from Walmart said to bake the glass for about 30 minutes.
  5. Once you've finished baking the glass turn off the oven, but do NOT remove the glass yet!! Wait for the oven to reach room temperature before removing the glass.

  • Glass can not handle drastic changes in temperature. If you place glass directly into a hot oven, the glass will crack!!  However, if the glass is placed into an oven at room temperature and then slowly heats up to 350 it will be fine!! 
  • We bought our wine glasses at Goodwill for $1!! Great Deal!!
  • In the past I've used Martha Stewart's Glass Paint, but the Enamel Acrylic Paint works just as good and it's a lot cheaper!!
  • We used the ends of pencils to make cute little dots on our glasses. You can also paint with Q-tips if you don't like using brushes. 

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