Saturday, August 3, 2013

Photo Coasters

What you'll need

  • Tiles 
  • Photos
  • Mod-Podge
  • Foam-brush
  • Acrylic Sealer (Next to Mod-Podge at Walmart)
  • Felt Pads
  • Sharpie (optional)


  • Clean and dry the tiles.
  • Cut the photos so they fit nicely on the tiles. I recommend making the photos slightly smaller than the tiles.
  • Using the foam-brush, paint a thin layer of mod-podge on a tile. Place the photo on the tile and press down. Repeat for the other tiles and photos. 
  • Paint a thin layer of mod-podge over the photos and let them dry. You will need to repeat this step 3-4 times. 
  • After your tiles have dried, spray them with a thin coat of acrylic sealer. Let the sealer dry for about 20-30 minutes and then spray a second coat on the tiles. Warning: If you spray the second coat on to quickly, bubbles will appear on your photos.
  • Place 4 felt pads on the bottom of the tiles. These will protect your coffee table/end table from being scratched. 
  • On the back of the tiles, write the date each photo was taken using a Sharpie. 
  • Voila, your personalized coasters are complete! 

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