Saturday, September 28, 2013

Roller Derby

My new friend Katie and I went to roller derby this evening!! It was sssoo much fun!! If you've never been to a roller derby bout you should go at least's quite the experience. I'm not quite sure what all of the rules are, but it's so entertaining. Basically there are two teams of girls...yes that's correct it's a female sport!! GIRL POWER!! Each team has a "jammer". The teams have one starting point and the jammers' have another starting point about thirty feet behind the teams. Once the buzzer rings everyone starts racing around the track. The teams are trying to help their jammer pass the other team...while stopping the opposing jammer from passing. While racing around the track the team is body slamming, elbowing, and shoving the other team to stop them from passing. Once the jammer has lapped their opposing team twice they get a point!! Very interesting!!

Here's a photo of the track they race on. The first white line  is where the teams start and the third white line is where the jammers start.

If a penalty is called on a player they have to spin this wheel, which determines their punishment!! Does that say pillow fight?? Yes!! Like I said roller derby is quite entertaining...the crowd is dressed up, there's a concert at half-time, there's a bar, the roller derby bout itself is practically a chick fight with a plan, and there are even judges in bright colorful suits. If you'd like more information on the Austin Roller Derby team visit their website:

And here are some photos from the bout we went to:

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