Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Bunco is a dice game, but it's really more of a time to socialize. We just had our first Bunco night and it was a BLAST!!! Our Bunco group meets once a month (first Tuesday of the month), so each player will be hosting Bunco once this year. Every player that signs up for Bunco, must host Bunco. Hosting is a shared responsibility, but it's nothing to hard. 

Bunco Basics:
You need 12 fun individuals for Bunco. Four players sit around one table, so you will need three different tables (table 1, table 2, and table 3). At each table there should be a whole punch, notepad, pencil, and 3 dice. Partners sit diagonally (in other words they shouldn't sit right next to each other). One person at each table is the "score keeper". The scorekeeper is the first player to roll the dice. During round 1 the players are trying to roll a "one". If they roll a "one", their team receives a tally mark and they can roll again (you receive a tally mark for every "one" you roll, unless it's a Bunco then you receive six tally marks). If the player doesn't roll a "one", the dice get passed along to the next player. If the player rolls 3 one's at the same time, they yell out Bunco. The player with a Bunco will hold onto the large "B" (until someone else gets a Bunco), mark a "B" at the top of their name card, and their team receives 6 tally marks. Everyone continues to roll until one team at table 1 receives twenty-one tally marks. At that point, table 1 rings the bell to let the other tables know Round 1 is finished. Whichever team has the most tally marks at table 1 receives a whole punch in their name card for winning that round. The same goes for tables 2 and 3. The winners from table 3 will rotate to table 2, the winners from table 2 will rotate to table 1, and the winners from table 1 will rotate to table 3. At the new table partners will switch, so that more socializing can occur. Before the next round begins, players are encouraged to grab some food and enjoy one another's company. When table 1 is ready, round 2 begins. Round 2 is the same as round 1 except this time players are trying to roll a "two". The game continues through 6 different rounds. At the end of the night, winners are selected and the prizes are distributed. 

Bunco Bag:
The Bunco Bag contains 3 pencils, 3 notepads, 3 whole punch, 9 dice, 1 bell, 1 large "B", and 1 folder. The folder contains information for the host (contact information, set up procedures, etc). The bag travels from host to host to make planning/set-up easier.

The Host Duties:
The host is in charge of setting up Bunco night, contacting Bunco players, finding subs for those players who cannot attend, making name cards, providing food and drinks, and buying the prizes. Every Bunco player is supposed to bring $5 to help reimburse the host for the prizes.

The winner (player with the most whole punches) receives a $25 gift
The player with the most Bunco's (B's written at the top of their scorecard) receives a $20 gift
The player with the large "B" at the end of the night receives a $10 gift
The Loser receives a $5 gift

If a regular player is unable to attend, it is best to find a substitute to take their place. If a sub cannot be found it's not a big deal. Instead of playing with four people at a table, you will have one table with only three players. Two players will be on one team, and the other player will be by themselves. The player by themselves will roll for themselves and for their "ghost" partner. 

The name cards to keep score on.

This month's prizes!!

Our large "B" for when a player get's a Bunco!! 

Here are some of the yummy foods we ate at this month's Bunco:

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