Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gruene Wine & Music Fesitval

 My friend and I went to the Gruene Wine & Musical Festival this weekend!! It was wonderful....I actually thought it was better than Oktoberfest!! The atmosphere was relaxing, the music was great, and the wine selection was AMAZING!! 

The tickets cost $20, which paid for five wine samples and a wine glass. We must have looked poor because several other people gave us their wine sample tickets...hahaha. We sampled several different wines, listened to some good music, and then ate dinner at the Gristmill. The Gristmill has a nice atmosphere, a great view of the river, live music, and yummy food!!

After dinner we walked around Gruene and found a few more concerts just out on the streets. I can't wait to go back....we're actually talking about getting a room at a bed and breakfast next year so we can stay the whole weekend!!

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  1. My 3 favorite wines at the festival:
    Texas Sunset by Maydelle Country Wines
    Texas Well Water by Fiesta Winery
    Demi-Sweet Sparkling by Dry Comal Creek Winery