Saturday, November 9, 2013

Color Me Rad

 My friend and I signed up for the Color Me Rad Race!! It was sssooo much fun!! The Color Me Rad Race is a 5k race, but it's more of an activity than a race. They don't have a clock and they don't have winners like a normal 5k. The purpose of this race is to get COLORFUL!! I think there were about 5 paint stations along the course. At two of the stations, the volunteers sprayed liquid paint on us as we ran past. At the other stations, the volunteers threw a powder-like paint at us as we ran past them. At the end, they provided us with our own packet of the powder-like paint and a refreshing water bottle. We stayed after the race to do a little dancing, grab a snack, throw some more paint, and take a few pictures. 

Here's what I looked like at the end of the day!!  
  My shirt and hat were originally all white!! Also, if your going to participate in a color/paint race I recommend wearing a hat or bandanna to help keep your hair clean. 

Dance Party!! The guy on stage counted down for everyone to throw their paint in the air at the same time!! 

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