Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Outfit

My mom, sister, and I made outfits for the fourth of July!! We used white hats/visors ($2), white shoes ($5), and old shorts. We bought some fabric paint, foam brushes, small brushes, star stickers, and masking tape. 

Here's my outfit for the night!! 

Directions for shorts: We painted one layer of white on the shorts using the foam brushes. We let the layer dry for an hour before painting a second coat. We then used a pencil to lightly draw the lines. Lastly, we used red fabric puffy paint to trace over the lines.

These are my sister's shoes!! 

Directions for the shoes: We first taped off the edges and areas we didn't want to get paint on. We then placed the star stickers onto the shoes. We used the foam brushes and regular brushes to paint the blue sections. We waited a few hours for the paint to dry before removing the tape and stickers. We did the same on the red section. I wanted my red and white lines to be a little smaller, so I cut the masking tape into skinnier pieces.

Here are the hats/visors. We did these the same way we did the shoes.

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