Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bell Spring Winery

My friend and I drove out to Dripping Springs, TX to visit Bell Spring Winery. It was about a 45 minute drive from south Austin, so not to bad.  We enjoyed a nice tasting for $7, $10 if you wanted to keep the glass. The tasting was different from some of the other wineries I've been to. At Bell Spring Winery the tasting includes a small list of wines. You taste ALL of the wines on the list; you don't pick the ones you want to try. This concept was both good and a bad. The good part was that we tried some wines we never would have tried otherwise. The bad part was I didn't enjoy a lot of the tastings because they weren't the type of wines I enjoy. Anyway, my favorite wine they had was Drippin Sweet-White. My friend and I bought a bottle and enjoyed our drinks on their nice patio area. It was the perfect relaxing Sunday afternoon activity!! 

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