Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gruene Music & Wine Festival Round Two

The Gruene Music & Wine Festival Round Two!! This is still one of my favorite events here in the Austin area!! I just love everything about this festival!! You get to be outside while listening to music, talking with friends, eating yummy food, and tasting yummy wine!! If you bought your tickets in advance it was $20 ($30 the day of the event). Tickets included 5 tastings and a small wine glass. You could also purchase extra tasting tickets for $2. 

Some of the new wines we enjoyed:
Sweet Rose from Pilot Knob Vineyard
Smart Ass Bitch from Chisholm Trail Winery
Strawberry from Texas Mead Works
Vanilla Mead from Darcy's Vineyards
Peach from Georgetown Winery
Blueberry from Geoergetown Winery
Fiesta from Seifert Cellars
Starlight from Seifert Cellars
Sunset from Seifert Cellars
Savannah Rose from Fiesta Winery
Texas Well Water from Fiesta Winery

We also tried these wines, but they just weren't for us:
Cranberry from Texas SouthWind Vineyard
Moscato from Marker Cellars
Sparklin Peach from Maydelle Country Wines

For more information visit their website:

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