Monday, May 4, 2015

Cabinets Refurbished into Picture Frames

Here's my latest project!! 

I went to Round Top Antiques a few weeks ago with one of my friends and these were my AWESOME finds!! I decided to take the old cabinets on the left and chalk paint them white. I'd never used DIY chalk paint, so I did a lot of reading beforehand. FYI...there are a ton of chalk paint recipes out there!! Here are the results of the first three recipes I tried:

Definitely not having luck with the DIY chalk paint. The whole purpose of chalk paint is it doesn't require any prep work and it doesn't require a lot of clearly my recipes were NOT working!! I eventually called a friend who gave me her recipe:

1 1/2 cups Paint
1/2 cup Hot Water
1/2 cup Plaster of Paris

Dissolve the Plaster of Paris with the hot water. Stir well and then add the paint.

My friends recipe still took me about 3 coats, but it was definitely better!! Next time I'll use this same recipe, but with quality paint. The paint I was using was pretty cheap, so maybe with better paint it'll work!! Also I tried the chalk paint at Walmart and it worked perfectly!! So if you're doing a small project, I would just use the cheap Walmart chalk paint.

Next, I glazed the cabinets using Rust-Oleum Transformations Decorative Glaze (Java Brown), I brushed the glaze on lightly using a foam brush and then wiped it immediately off with a damp rag.

Here's a comparison of a glazed cabinet (left) and freshly painted cabinet (right).

Once I was finished glazing, I brushed wax on top of the chalk paint. I decided to stick with the cheap Walmart products, so I used the Walmart clear wax. I couldn't find a wax brush at Walmart, so I bought one at Joann Fabrics. I brushed on a small amount of wax using the brush, and then buffed over it using a clean white cloth. Here's the product so far:

I added 5 x 7 photos onto the squares using photo tape. I'm absolutely LOVING the end results!! It's cute, rustic, unique, and perfectly fits the empty wall in my living room!! 

DIY Wall Scrabble Tiles

I found scrabble tile stencils at Joann Fabrics for about $4, which made this craft super easy!! The stencils were 6 x 6 inches so I bought a 6 in x 8 ft board at home depot. I asked them to cut the board into 6 x 6 inch pieces, which they did for free!! They didn't cut all of the pieces exactly, but it was close enough. 

Then I went home with my stencils and taped them to the wall. It helped me determine the words and spacing that I wanted to use. 

I then sanded the wooden tiles just a bit. They don't need to be perfect, I just wanted them to look nice. Next, I stained the wood squares with Minwax Golden Pecan. Then I used the scrabble tile stencils with some black acrylic paint. I thought about painting a protective coat on the tiles, but I was feeling lazy. 

Last step...hanging the tiles.  I thought about using command strips, but I wanted something cheaper. So I drilled a small hole into the back of each tile (1 inch from the top). Don't forget to use your tape measure and level!! 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fat Ass Ranch Winery

I LOVE this winery!! We stopped here on our 290 Wine Shuttle Route and decided to give it a shot!! We thought the name was funny, not to mention they have an actual "ass" outside as their mascot...hahaha!! I enjoyed their Semi-Sweet White wine, Sweet Red, Peach, and Watermelon!! I came home with a bottle of their Peach and a bottle of their Watermelon!! My boyfriend isn't a huge sweet wine lover like myself, but he came home with a bottle too!! Seriously this place is a must see!! They have horse shoes, live music, a mascot, and yummy tasting wine!! 

Becker Vineyards

I've been to Becker Vineyards twice now and it's definitely one of my favorites!! I love the atmosphere and they have a nice selection of wines to sample. For $15 you can receive 6 wine samples and a souvenir wine glass.

Here are the wines I've tried (5 stars means amazing; 1 star means I won't be having it again):
  • Chenin Blanc **
  • White Wing *
  • Provencal** (maybe 3 depending on the day I visited)
  • Reserve Tempranillo **** (very good dry wine)
  • Fleur Sauvage ***
  • Muscat Canelli Amabile **
  • Clementine ***

Fredericksburg Day Trip

Alright, so Fredericksburg is one of my favorite places to go for a day trip!! I've taken a few day trips there to be honest!! There's a lot of good wineries in the area, pretty scenery, yummy food, and plenty of activities!!

Here are some of the wineries I've visited:

  • Becker Vineyards (nice atmosphere, good selection, definitely recommend)
  • Fat Ass Ranch Winery (fun atmosphere, amazing sweet wines, definitely recommend)
  • Fiesta Winery (decent atmosphere, sweet wines)
  • Four Point Cellars (decent atmosphere, decent wine, but no need to rush back)
  • Grape Creek Vineyards (nice atmosphere, decent wine, but no need to rush back)
  • Hye Meadow Winery (great atmosphere, great wine, definitely recommend)
  • Lewis Wines (great atmosphere, great wine, definitely recommend)
  • Mendelbaum Cellars (don't need to go back)
  • Messina Hof ( decent atmosphere, yummy wines, good selection)
  • Perdenales Cellars (nice atmosphere, yummy wines, definitely recommend)
  • Pontotoc Vineyard (nice atmosphere, good wines)
  • Ron Yates Winery (nice atmosphere, decent wines)
  • William Chris Winery (did not like the all)

Restaurants I've tried (5 star means unbelievably amazing!!):

  • Silver Creek *** (German)
  • Der Lindenbaum **** (German)
  • Auslander ***** (German)
  • Pasta Bella ***** (Italian--Best I've ever had)
  • Clear River Pecan Co ***** (cafe and icecream---yummy, yummy, yummy)