Monday, June 22, 2015

Hand Stamped Bracelet

I see all sorts of metal stamping crafts on Etsy and I decided it was time I make an investment in a metal stamping kit!! So far I can's a lot harder than it looks!! It's hard to get the letters straight and sometimes it's hard to get the letters to make a mark. Hopefully I get better with practice because I just love all of the ideas I see on pinterest!! 

1) Tape the piece down to your bench block (big metal block available at craft store).

2) Write the words down to help guide you as your stamping. It provides a good outline!

3) Place your stamp in the proper place and make sure it's facing the right direction. Then give it a few hits with your ball peen hammer.

4) Use a sharpie to trace over the marks you've made.

5) Wipe off the excess sharpie using a lysol wipe.

6)Wrap the cord around.

7) Tighten the end caps.

8) You're done!!

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