Friday, July 31, 2015

$9 Wreath

My new wreath!! It was definitely time for a change and I'm loving my new wreath!! I bought chevron burlap ($2 on sale at Walmart), white flowers ($2 at Walmart), black "L" ($2 sale at Hobby Lobby), and a natural grapevine wreath ($3 Hobby Lobby with coupon). 

I started by making my burlap bow. I cut a 5 inch by 2 inch rectangle piece of burlap.  I folded the piece into thirds and glued it together using my hot glue gun. I set this piece to the side, until I was ready to glue my bow together.

I then folded my remaining burlap to make the bow, see photo below:

Next I pinched the center together to form the bow. I did this several times until I found a length I liked. Once I found the size I wanted, I used the rectangle piece of burlap to glue the bow together. I wrapped it around the center and glued it together in the back. Here's my finished bow:

 Next I glued the bow into place, followed by the white flowers, and black "L". This project was super easy and it was fairly cheap!! 

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