Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bible Journaling

My wonderful mom (and dad) bought me a Journaling Bible for Easter this year.  A Journaling Bible has margins on the side for note-taking/artwork and the paper is a little thicker so the colors won't bleed through as easily. The purpose of a Journaling Bible is the same as any other Bible, only it allows the reader to express their thoughts through artwork. 

I did a bunch of research on the different supplies to get started and here's what I ended up buying:
Alphabet Stickers ($1)
Alphabet Stamp Set from Walmart ($2)
Alphabet Stamp Set from Michael's $1.50 (not in photo)
Washi Tape
Sakura Water Colors (a little expensive)
$5 Water Colors from Michael's (not in photo)
Faber-Castel Brush Pens (takes lots of practice)
Sakura Brush Pen Set (takes lots of practice)
Colored Pencils (not in photo)
Water Color Pencils (not in photo)

After doing a few entries, I would suggest starting with: $1.50 letter stamps from Michael's, $5 water color paint from Michael's, colored pencils, and the Staedler Pen Set. 

Here are a few of my entries: