Monday, March 6, 2017

Magnolia Market

My sister and I went to Magnolia Market!!! YAY!!! If you've never seen the show Fixer Upper then you should go to your Netflix account right now!! I LOVE Fixer Upper!! It's a show about a husband and wife who fix up old homes in Waco, Texas. A few years ago they opened Magnolia Market where you can purchase some of their home decor items. There's even a courtyard area where you can play games and relax outside. 

If you do end up going to Magnolia Market then be sure to try the bakery there!! We ate some yummy cupcakes!! There are also food trucks along the side if you get really hungry.  Magnolia Market is super cute but we didn't end up buying anything other than a cupcake. Some of it was decently priced, but the rest was a little too pricey for me. We looked around the shop, enjoyed a cupcake, and took some photos of the area. 

I would definitely suggest going to Magnolia Market on a weekday. I've read that it can be super crowded on the weekends.  We went on a Monday and it was perfect!! 

My last suggestion is to look up some other places to visit while you're in Waco.  There are a lot of other cute little shopping areas. We visited Spice Village, definitely worth checking out!!

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