Friday, April 7, 2017

Office Makeover

I finished decorating my now what?!?! Well I realized I spend more time in my office than I do at home and I hate the way my office looks!! So I decided it was time for some changes!! 

The file cabinet was super easy!! I removed the hardware and spray painted it all black. Then I painted the frame of the file cabinet grey. I was going to spray paint the cabinet but to be honest I got impatient. So I just used some paint I had left over from a previous project and rolled it on. Next I used contact paper to do the drawers. The hardest part was making sure I got the chevron pattern on the drawers straight. 

The desk was pretty easy too. I bought some cheap paneling at Home Depot and attached it to the front of the desk. I used some wood to frame the edges and top. Then I painted the entire desk in chalk paint and sealed it with a polyacrylic. 

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