Omelet in a Bag-Camping Recipe

Looking for a quick, easy, and yummy breakfast for camping trips?? Well Omelet In A Bag is perfect for camping trips!!  Normally when we camp we just eat MRE's or sandwiches or something...we don't make any "real food".  This past weekend though we went camping at Garner State Park and decided to try Omelets In A was AMAZING!!

How to Create an Emergency Grief Kit for Schools

Today I wanted to share one of my most important counseling Emergency Grief Kit. You might be wondering what an Emergency Grief Kit is and why I feel like it's sssssoooo important!!!  Basically my Emergency Grief Kit is a bag/backpack with everything I need to help students with the loss of a loved one at school.  If I get a call tomorrow morning that a student has died or a teacher has died...I need to be prepared! I won't have time to go to work and gather all of my materials and plan.  My Emergency Grief Kit is ready to go...I can set up a grief station in a school within minutes and train teachers on the spot. I'm ready to go!! You just never know when something tragic is going to set aside an hour today to set up your Emergency Grief Kit. It's easy and I've got most of the materials ready for you already!!

Tres Leches Cake

If you've never had Tres Leches...then you're seriously missing out!! It's so rich and unique...I just love it!! Now I should warn you though...Tres Leches isn't your "typical cake"'s moist. Actually I'm not sure if moist is even the right word to's semi-liquidy!! Sounds weird I know...but it's amazing!! 

Christmas Markets-Austin Texas 2019

Tis the Season to Go To Christmas Markets...Fa-La-La-La-La, La-La-La-La (I had to sing that slowly so I could get all the "La"s in there...hahaha).

Every year I look forward to going to Christmas's just so festive!! I've been going to Christmas Markets my whole life!! I remember when I was little, we'd drive up to my grandparents and we'd spend the whole day driving around to all of the different bazaars.