Beer / Wine Christmas Tree (Advent Calendar)

I'm a few days behind on this post, but life is so hectic around the holidays it's hard to keep up!! I feel like there are a million things to do and just not enough time to do them all!! There's Christmas shopping, Christmas crafting, and all of the Christmas festivities!! Mostly I get overwhelmed with all of the Christmas crafting. I think something will take me an hour and then 14 hours later I'm half way done...hahaha

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is our Beer/Wine Christmas Tree.
My first Christmas with Neil, I wanted to get him something awesome!! You know something creative that makes him think "WOW, this is the perfect gift from the perfect girl. She's a keeper."  hahaha...ok that wasn't really my thought but it was our first holiday together and I wanted it to be special. 

Somewhere along the journey of gift searching I came up with the Beer/Wine Christmas Tree. Neil really likes craft beer so I thought this would be a fun little way for him to count down to Christmas. Plus every day he can grab a new beer and think "WOW, this girl is so amazing"...haha

So if you're loving this idea and would like to make one yourself here are the steps:

  • Buy 10 feet of PVC pipe (4 inch in diameter).
  • Using a handsaw, cut the PVC pipe into 10 pieces (1 foot for each piece). If you're lucky maybe one of the Home Depot workers will cut it for you!!
  • Using 80 grit sand paper, sand the edges of the PVC pipe. 
  • Spray paint the PVC pipe.
  • Glue the PVC pipe together one at a time using Gorilla Glue. Clamp the PVC pipes together while the glue dries. I glued the bottom row together first (7 to 8, then 8 to 9, then 9 to 10). Then I glued 4 to 5 and 5 to 6. Then I glued 2 to 3. Once I had all of the rows made, I stacked the rows and glued them together. 
  • Spray paint one last layer onto the PVC pipes. 
  • Print the numbers 1 through 10 onto scrapbook paper. 
  • Trace a circle around the numbers and cut them out.
  • Laminate the numbers. I put my numbers through the machine twice to get them super thick/sturdy. Cut the numbers out. 
  • Tape the numbers on the inside of the PVC pipes, so the tape doesn't show.
  • The best part...fill with 10 bottles of beer or wine!! Yes, it's large enough to hold 10 bottles of wine!! 


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