Half Marathon Training

Well I finished my second half marathon!! It's a miracle!! And I'm not just saying that...I seriously didn't think I was going to finish this one!!

In 2013 I signed up for my first half marathon in New Braunfels.  It was a gorgeous course, but really hard!! I did a decent job training for it but I didn't follow my training as well as I should have.  I was so sore the next day/week/month that I decided I was done with half marathons!!

Well back in August/September I decided I wanted to run another half marathon. I'm not sure what I was thinking
but it seemed like a decent idea at the time. So I read through a bunch of training programs and kind of merged them all into this one (download here):
I'm not a professional trainer or professional runner...but I did read from a bunch of professionals. haha...kind of like when you're sick and you google what's wrong with you...hahaha.

Even after all the work I did to put a training schedule together, I still didn't do a good job of sticking to it. In fact I did worse this time!! I did super good for the first 6 weeks and after that I did terrible!! I stopped weight training, stopped yoga, stopped running during the week...I mean I did a terrible job of training!!

Even without following my training schedule I somehow finished the whole 13.1 miles!! I really don't know how I managed to finish!! What's crazier is I'm actually considering doing another half marathon....hahaha

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