Flying Man Brewery

You never know what new adventure is waiting for you just around the corner!! 

Have you ever had to drive to the other side of town and been left with a little extra time to kill? Well that's exactly what happened to us this weekend and it ended up being a great mini adventure!!

Neil and I were out running errands when we decided to pull up our maps to see if there was anything interesting in the area. We found Flying Man Brewery and decided to stop by for a flight of beer. I'm sssoo glad we did because their beer was awesome!!! I loved their Water Bomber Watermelon Wheat Beer, Weedhopper Honey Wheat Beer, and Supersonic Blonde Beer!! Yummy!! Definitely one of my top favorite breweries in Austin now!! Can't wait to go back!!

So the next time you're out running errands and have a little time to kill just see what's in the never know what you'll find!!

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