Will You Be My Ring Bearer?

Will you be our ring bearer?? There are so many cute ideas on pinterest, google, etsy, and instagram. Yes I search for ideas everywhere I can think of!! haha...but the trick is to make these cute little ideas for a reasonable price...
especially for the ring bearer and flower girl.  They're kids...they won't ever remember what you made them and if you buy them a $50 shirt they'll end up outgrowing it in a month...haha.

Here's what I put together: 
$1 kids sunglasses from Dollar Tree (added his name and "Ring Security" using my Cricut)
$1 iron-on "Ring Security" decal from Hobby Lobby ($5 on Amazon)
$2 tshirt from Hobby Lobby (this is the hardest part...figuring out kid's sizes!! i mean they all look small to me!! hahaha)
$1 Ring Pop (not in photo)
Ring Bearer Card

I made the card using a manila folder to make it look like a "top secret" file and some cardstock.  Then I googled some images and printed it off...here's the inside of the card:

Luckily he accepted the mission!! And he's going to be adorable!!

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