Bridesmaid Box

Should you do a "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" box OR is it a waste of money??

Well if I'm being honest it's probably a waste of money....but it's fun putting it together!! And it's the thought that counts right??

I absolutely LOVED putting my "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" boxes together!!! I started with pinterest (of course) and listed all of the items I liked on my phone. Then whenever I was out running errands if I saw a good deal on one of the items I'd grab it. 

Here's what I ended up putting together:

My boxes included:

$9 Tumbler from Walmart ($11 from Amazon)
$3 White Photo Box
$2 Bridesmaid DVD (Black Friday Deal)
$2 Initial Necklace (see details below)
$1 Hand Sanitizer (Bath & Body Works Sale)
50 cent Hair Ties (VS Outlet Sale)
Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card (not in photo but here's the Etsy link)
Free Color Swatches from Home Depot

You're probably wondering what I used the color swatches for...well I used them to show my girls the color scheme for the big day!! Which is funny looking at it now because we're not doing pink anymore...hahaha

If you decide to do bridesmaids boxes, then I suggest setting a budget and learning to get a little thrifty. For example...I created these $2 initial necklaces using a chain from the sales rack at a local jewelry store and an initial jewel from Hobby Lobby. Definitely cheaper than personalized necklaces from Etsy!! Think thrifty!! These little boxes can get expensive really fast!!

Here are some other awesome ideas for your boxes:
EOS Pink Lipbalm
Pink Nail Polish
Starbucks Coffee
Gold/Pink Chocolate
Rose (real or fake)
Mini Wine Bottles

I would have loved to put everything in my boxes but it's important to stick to your budget!! 

So back to the original question...should you do a "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" box or is it a waste of money? Yes it's probably a waste of money but it's fun!! So if you only have a few bridesmaids, your thrifty with your money, and you can do it for a reasonable price...then why not?? It's nice to treat your friends every once and a while!!

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