Will You Be My Flower Girl?

Will you be my Flower Girl?!?!?! 

I remember being a flower girl when I was young!! I was a flower girl in a few family weddings and it was ssoo much fun!! 

Ah flower girl memories... I remember learning to dance to the Macarena and dancing my little heart out!! I remember tapping my glass so the bride and groom would kiss!! I would tap my glass so much that my mom would tell me to stop...hahaha...but I thought it was so cool that an entire room would tap their glass and cheer as the couple kissed!! I remember trying to catch the bouquet...I remember making a video for the bride and groom...I remember eating yummy cake...I remember making a tunnel for the send off...I just have so many great flower girl memories!!

I also remember the dresses I wore and the gifts my Aunts gave me. Aunt Krista gave me the Aladdin VHS and Aunt Cindy gave me a Barbie dressed up as a beautiful bride!!  Oh....Barbie!! haha...anyway here's what I put in my Flower Girl Box:

$1 Pink Bottle from Dollar Tree (added her name using my Cricut)
Flower Girl Card (purchased a set from Etsy)
$2 Pink Bag from Hobby Lobby (use 40% off coupon)
Markers (not in photo)

I can't wait to pick out her dress and help her make some flower girl memories!! 

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