Graduation is Coming Up

College graduation season is just around the corner...which means it's time for college grads to start "adulting"!! Yes that's right...they'll officially enter the real world and become an adult. 

So...what should you do with these last few weeks of freedom??

How can you use this time to help you be more prepared for adulting?? Here are some helpful tips about the weeks leading up to graduation:
  • Update your resume!! Update your resume for your job search and to give yourself a little esteem boost...after all it is a whole page dedicated to your awesomeness!!  Here are some really good tips for creating/updating a resume:
  • Buy a suit!! You never know when you'll get a call for an prepared!! Not all jobs require you to interview in a suit...but it seriously can't hurt. Plus it gives you a little more self confidence walking in. 
  • Buy an official briefcase/portfolio!! You might not have anything in it other than your resume but at least you look professional. My portfolio helps me feel prepared and more confident when I enter the room...sounds silly but it's true.
  • Don't stress to much about finding a job after college. No one expects you to have a job lined up for the day after graduation...besides you have enough on your plate.
  • Have a back up plan!! I got a job at Payless for a few months until I had things figured out. It didn't bother me at all because I knew it was temporary and that a good job would come along. Just don't let your back up plan last a's supposed to be temporary not long term. 
  • Pick up some extra transcripts. I was surprised by how many places wanted to see my get a few ordered just in case. You can get them after graduation but for some reason it's more complicated. 
  • Take some fun graduation pictures!! Grab some friends, a camera, and enjoy!!
  • Plan some time with your friends!! In a few weeks people will be moving to their new jobs or back enjoy the time you have left together.
  • Create a list of all of the things you're going to miss about college...and do them all one last time!! It's a great way to end your college years!!

I saved the best tip for last: You've spent the past 20-25 years in basically you became a professional student!! kicked butt at studying, turning assignments in on time, time management, group assignments, writing papers, completing projects, etc. But now you are entering an entirely new field. You will no longer be at the will no longer be considered an "expert". You will now become the a new a new world. You will have to relearn everything about this new phase of life...but that's okay. Just be prepared for change, keep your head up, take care of yourself, and keep working hard. You will get to the top of this new field in time...just be patient!!

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