Wedding Signs

Are you trying to figure out how to decorate your wedding?? Not sure what needs to be decorated or even where to start?? I remember scanning Pinterest and Etsy trying to find decoration can be overwhelming!!  Luckily we decided we didn't need that many decorations....we felt like our venue was pretty so we kept the decorations to a minimum. We did, however, have a ton of wedding signs!! I didn't even realize we had that many signs until we were setting it all up. So here's a list of all of the signs we used at our wedding and how we made/bought them:

DIY Wooden Signs

We made these wooden signs ourselves....marriage is all about teamwork after-all!!!
We bought a huge slab of birch wood at Home Depot and had it cut into the specific sizes we wanted. How did we pick the sizes?? Well we used a pretty scientific approach...we were eating dinner at a local taco joint and decided the size of the table was a good we pulled out our measuring tape in the middle of dinner and measured the table..hahaha.
Once we had the wood, Neil (my amazing hubby) sanded the signs and stained them with Minwax Special Walnut (link here).  We used the same stain for all of our wedding decor so that everything would match nicely. Once the signs were dry we added the text using my Cricut. I was careful to always use the same font and design...again I wanted it to all match. I know...I like things to match!!
Now to make the wooden sign stand up on it's own...we bought some thin pieces of wood at Hobby Lobby and stained them with the Minwax Special Walnut. We then added the thin piece of wood to the back of the wooden sign using a hinge (link here). We also added some Jute Twine/Rope just to make sure it was extra sturdy.

DIY Hashtag Signs

I like to use wedding hashtags whenever I'm at a wedding but sometimes it's hard to find their hashtag!! So last minute we decided to make these little wedding hashtag signs and place them on every table. We bought the wood at Hobby Lobby for $6 (link here). We then stained the wood using the Minwax Special Walnut and then added our hashtag using my Cricut. My dad was in town so he helped us with the finishing touches for these. He added some small wooden pegs to the backs so they would stand up nicely on the tables.

DIY Shoe Sign

Of course we had to have some shoes for any ladies who wore uncomfortable shoes!! I bought the sign at Target for $3 and added the text using my Cricut!! I bought the shoes at Old Navy for $1 (they go on sale every so often).  I made some shoe size tags and tied them onto the shoes using some cute ribbon.  The basket was the hardest part of this whole project!! It was really hard to find a good size basket that wasn't $50!! Why are baskets so expensive?!?! I finally found the perfect size at Goodwill for $7...WIN WIN!!!

DIY Ring Bearer Sign

I love ring bearer signs, they are so cute and funny!! We looked for signs on Etsy but they were a little pricey.  We ended up making this sign for about $7!! We bought the wood at Hobby Lobby and stained it with the Minwax Special Walnut. We added the quote using my Cricut and then stapled the white ribbon on the back of the sign so he could easily hold onto it.  

Wooden Signs We Bought from Craigslist

Not gonna lie...we did buy some of our signs off Craigslist. They were a great price....$60 for a huge set!! They were exactly what we wanted, saved us time, and saved us some money!! Now I know not everyone is going to be lucky enough to find cute signs on Craigslist so I'll be sure to post links to the original items as well. (Example: the guestbook sign photographed above was originally purchased on Etsy...see link here)

The Craigslist set we found came with the typical signs like Guestbook, Gifts & Cards, Love is Sweet Take a Treat...but it also came with these cute quotes (two photos above)!! When we bought them we didn't know where we were going to put them but we knew we'd be able to find a place for them. We ended up putting one in a corner by the reception entrance and one at the drink station. If you like these signs, you can find them at Home Goods/TJ Maxx for about $25 each.  

Oohh...and now for my favorite signs!! 
These hand painted signs were the main reason we bought the set off Craigslist. I LOVE this verse (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)!! We were originally going to have these 8 signs line the walkway up to the chapel but the soil was to hard for the stakes. So our coordinator quickly readjusted the plan and placed them along the aisle in the chapel (photo below) pretty!!!

Wooden Signs We Bought from Hobby Lobby

We bought a few signs from Hobby Lobby during one of their sales!! The wedding items typically go on sale every other week (at least that's what the workers told me). We bought these Reserved signs for $3 each and our Mr and Mrs chair signs for $2 each. You can't beat those prices!! 

Light Up Marquee Letters from Michael's

One thing I learned about Wedding Planning...always keep your eye out for a good sale!! When we were planning the wedding I never said "I really want marquee letters at our wedding." But then one day I was at Michael's and they had all of their Light Up Marquee Letters on sale for under $2!!! I'd seen them at weddings before so I bought them and said to myself "We'll figure out a place for them and if we don't then I guess I've wasted $5". 

Find Your Seat Sign-Etsy

We decided to do table assignments to save on the cost of centerpieces. If we assigned tables then we could have fewer tables set up...which meant a bigger dance floor and less centerpieces!! So we ordered this Seating Chart Template off Etsy (link here), customized it to our needs, and then printed it off at Office Depot. 

Well I think that covers all of the signs used at our wedding!! Yes...I know there were a lot!! But honestly all we had were signs, flowers, and some candles. So if you're overwhelmed picking your decorations remember on the lookout for sales, check Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace regularly, and maybe make friends with someone crafty.

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