48 Hours in Split, Croatia


Neil and I spent months planning our honeymoon trip!! It was absolutely amazing!! We started our journey in Split, Croatia. Yes...Croatia!! When I first starting telling everyone about our honeymoon...they thought we were crazy!! They were like...wasn't there a war there recently?? Well yes...but it's perfectly safe now and its absolutely gorgeous!!

Travel Accessories

Are you heading on a big trip and trying to decide what cool little gadgets to purchase?? I spent several hours reading travel blogs, travel magazines, and Amazon reviews trying to decide what to get for our big honeymoon trip. Our honeymoon was about 17 days!! We traveled to Croatia, Greece, and Switzerland...such an amazing trip!! Below I've included all of the items we decided to purchase for our trip...honestly I'd recommend all of them!! 

Foldable Backpack (link here)
This little backpack was AWESOME!! I didn't want to use a backpack every day on our trip but I did want it on certain days (especially hiking in Switzerland). I packed this in our luggage and then I'd pull it out on days when I needed a backpack. 

Corn Hole-Wedding Guest Book

There are so many guest book ideas on Pinterest/Etsy...it can be hard to pick something for your wedding.  I don't even remember where Neil and I came up with a corn hole set as a guest book...probably found it online somewhere. I just remember we felt like it was perfect!! Unique, fun, and something we would actually use!!