Corn Hole-Wedding Guest Book

There are so many guest book ideas on Pinterest/ can be hard to pick something for your wedding.  I don't even remember where Neil and I came up with a corn hole set as a guest book...probably found it online somewhere. I just remember we felt like it was perfect!! Unique, fun, and something we would actually use!!

We read several different tutorials on how to build a corn hole set and decided to follow Rogue Engineer's tutorial (link here). The tutorial provides you with great pictures, a detailed supply list, and is super easy to follow!! It's definitely the best tutorial online!!

As for the little details...we choose birch for our plywood. We wanted the top to look really nice when stained. We stained the corn hole set using Minwax Special Walnut (link here). Once the stain was dry, we added the white vinyl decals. Now I gotta brag a little bit...the decals turned out awesome!! The decals were so big Neil had to help apply them!! I made our vinyl decals using my Cricut but you can also buy them on Etsy (example here). 

At the wedding we had the corn hole set placed on a table for guests to sign using Sharpies. I would suggest doing some trial runs before you paint anything!! I tested Sharpies on painted wood, stained wood, spray painted wood, and natural wood. Sharpies get dried up quickly on certain surfaces, so do some test runs before you start doing anything to your corn hole set!! To protect the signatures, we sealed the corn hole set with polyacrylic (after all of the signatures have been added). 

Now I'll admit that Neil and I are definitely not professional wood workers. In fact, we've never built anything from scratch! We've done a lot of furniture makeovers but we've never "built" anything. This was the perfect beginners project!! We may not have done everything perfectly...but we've got some funny stories!! And a gorgeous corn hole set that will last us a life time!! 

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  1. What a great idea! practical and also full of memories.