48 Hours in Split, Croatia


Neil and I spent months planning our honeymoon trip!! It was absolutely amazing!! We started our journey in Split, Croatia. Yes...Croatia!! When I first starting telling everyone about our honeymoon...they thought we were crazy!! They were like...wasn't there a war there recently?? Well yes...but it's perfectly safe now and its absolutely gorgeous!!

View from Marajan Hill

History of Split
In the 4th century...yes that's right...In the 4th century the Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to build his retirement palace along the coast of Croatia. Once he died, other Roman Emperors would visit Diocletian's Palace on occasion but by the 6th century it was basically abandoned. By the 7th century, some of the nearby villagers decided to move into Diocletian's Palace. The palace walls provided protection, so they slowly turned the palace into a well protected town. As the town grew in numbers, more buildings were needed. So Diocletian's large walkways were narrowed to make more room for houses...and Diocletian's garden was destroyed so the people could build houses on the land. They built and they transformed the palace into a city...now known as Split.  Split is now the second largest city in Croatia. It has some of the best preserved Roman architecture in the world...it's absolutely gorgeous!!

Just enjoying an afternoon stroll around Old Town Split

What to do in Split??
Well obviously you have to visit Diocletian's Palace and Old Town Split (which is basically the same thing...remember the palace turned into a town)!! So there's lots of shops and restaurants to check out. We spent our first day just walking around looking at all of the architecture and the little shops!! We ended our first evening with some gelato and a walk along the Riva. Such a pretty evening!!

The Riva

On our second day we did the Split Walking Tours (link here). We booked our tickets in advance just to be safe...hate to get there and find out they're sold out.  We learned a lot about the history of Croatia, Split, and Diocletian from our tour.  After our tour we walked to Marajan Hill, the popular scenic overlook of Split. You can put "Marajan Hill Stairs" in your google maps and it will take you there.  It took us about 10-15 minutes to take the stairs to the top, so it's not to long. It's definitely worth the view!! There's also a little cafe up there called Vidilica...might be a nice place to grab a little bite to eat while enjoying the view. We walked around town a little more and then headed back to our AirBnB. Just around the corner of our AirBnB was a little brewery (Mandrill Nano Brewery) that we decided to check out. Neil loves to try new beers so we thought it'd be fun to try some local Croatian beer.

How long should you stay in Split??
We stayed in Split for 2 nights, which was plenty of time to see all of the major highlights at a good pace. We weren't rushed and we felt like we got to see everything we wanted to see. 

Where to stay??
We stayed at an AirBnB a few blocks away from Old Town Split (link here to the AirBnB we booked).  It was the perfect location!! Staying in the walls can be expensive so we saved lots of money by staying about 5 minutes away. Also our host showed us some local restaurants with authentic Croatian food....and she even taught us a few Croatian terms!!

How to get around town??
We took a taxi from the airport to our AirBnB and then a ferry from Split to our next destination.  Getting around Split was easy...we walked!! Everything we wanted to see was within walking distance of our AirBnB...no need to rent a car. I'm glad we didn't even try to rent a car because parking would've been impossible!!

Where to next??
Next stop on the honeymoon...Korcula Croatia!! Our favorite town in Croatia!! Click here to learn more about our trip to Korcula.

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