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Are you heading on a big trip and trying to decide what cool little gadgets to purchase?? I spent several hours reading travel blogs, travel magazines, and Amazon reviews trying to decide what to get for our big honeymoon trip. Our honeymoon was about 17 days!! We traveled to Croatia, Greece, and Switzerland...such an amazing trip!! Below I've included all of the items we decided to purchase for our trip...honestly I'd recommend all of them!! 

Foldable Backpack (link here)
This little backpack was AWESOME!! I didn't want to use a backpack every day on our trip but I did want it on certain days (especially hiking in Switzerland). I packed this in our luggage and then I'd pull it out on days when I needed a backpack. 
It's super small when it folds up so it doesn't take up much space at all. It's also just the right size for short day trips. We would pack it with a sweater, small first aid kit, two or three water bottles, snacks, camera, tripod, etc.

Anti-Theft Backpack (link here)
Neil really wanted this backpack so I got it for him for Christmas last year. I guess it ended up being like a gift to myself too because we used it every day on our honeymoon!!  It's basically theft no stressing about pickpockets!! 

Packing Cubes (link here
I read about packing cubes but I wasn't really sure I wanted to get any. I thought $24 seemed like a waste of money for some bags. But then I kept reading these awesome reviews. People were talking about how it saved them space in their luggage because the bags helped compact things. Then one mom mentioned how it helped her kids clothes stay organized for a family vacation...each kid got a color cube. I splurged and bought some packing cubes...mainly to see if it really did help save on space. I loved these little things!! I had all of my dresses in one cube, all of my shorts and shirts in another, all of my swim gear in another, and all of my undergarments and sleepwear in another.  They helped keep everything organized...which I like organization!!

Luggage Set (link here)
I've never bought college I "borrowed" my dad's carry-on has yet to be returned to him. But "my" carry-on bag wasn't going to work for our trip so we put this set on our wedding registry. We were so excited when Neil's Aunt and Uncle bought it for us...we knew it was a necessity for our trip!! We used the large and the medium suitcase for the honeymoon.  Both bags survived the 8 flights, 2 ferries, 4 trains, and countless hours on cobblestone roads.  One of the bags got a big dent in the corner after one of the flights...but you should have seen how rough the airport workers were with these bags!! But luckily nothing broke and we just popped it back out!! If these ever do break, I'm pretty sure we'll buy another set.

Luggage Straps (link here)
Luggage straps are great for holding your luggage together in case the zipper breaks, but they also help you find your luggage!! Neil would see the bright blue straps and we'd stop worrying about whether or not our luggage had made it!!

Shoe Bags (link here)
You never know how dirty your shoes are going to get on a vacation...or how smelly. We used these shoe bags for our trip. I could pack like 2-3 pairs of sandals in the bags!! Neil only fit one pair of his shoes in each bag but he was packing like hiking boots and stuff.

Dirty Clothes Bag (link here)
I got this as a gift from my mother in law. It helped keep our tiny hotel room clean and separate clean clothes from dirty clothes. We would hang the bag on the back of the door and then wash our clothes whenever possible. A few times we opened the bag and realized it smelled of sweat...I'm just glad the bag smelled and not the rest of our clothes!!

Hanging Toiletry Bag (link here)
Every toiletry bag I've ever owned has driven me crazy...except for this one!! I love this toiletry bag!! I did a lot of reading...I read travel blogs and reviews before I picked out this toiletry bag.  It's perfect!! It fits a lot of stuff inside of it, it's compact, and the compartments are helpful. It even has a hook, which one travel blog recommended. They said that lots of countries have very small bathrooms with no counter-space, so a hook helps save on space in the bathroom. Not gonna lie at first I was like...whatever...but I use the hook all the time now!! I used the toiletry bag last week when we went camping and I needed the hook!! I guess professional travelers seriously know what they're talking about...hahaha!! Now my toiletry bag is always packed and ready to go...just in case. In my toiletry bag I have: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, face wipes, face cream (samples from my dermatologist), toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, razor and extra razor blades, tweezers, bug spray, sunscreen, deodorant, lotion, Vaseline, perfume, and dry shampoo.

Bathroom Bottles (link here)
I also got these from my mother in law. I love them!! I know someone is wondering why I have a toiletry bag and these bottles...easy explanation. These bottles are much bigger than my toiletry bag and I can add whatever I want in them. I packed my toiletry bag in my carry on luggage (in case our other luggage got lost), but I packed these bottles in my checked bag. The bottles have adjustable labels on them...which helped keep them organized. Otherwise I would've been putting shampoo on my skin instead of sunscreen. We put aloe vera, sunscreen, shampoo, and conditioner in these bottles. We ended up taking the sunscreen bottle with us was small enough to put in my purse which was nice!! Also the bottles have little suction cups on the back so they can attach to the wall of the bathroom...perfect if there's no shelf in the shower/bath (which happened in most of our Air BnBs). 

First Aid/Medicine 
You never know what nasty bug you're going to get on a trip...maybe you eat something bad or maybe the water is bad. Better to be safe than sorry!! I did a bunch of reading about what to take with us and then I had a super friendly pharmacist show me everything she packed for her latest trip!! She was telling me about how she got an allergic reaction on one of her trips and she didn't know how to explain in a foreign language what she needed.  She was like "if I would've packed Benadryl, life would've been a lot easier!!" So she kindly walked me through all of the aisles and helped me put a good little kit together. Our kit included: Alka-seltzer tablets, Moleskin blister prevention, Activated Charcoal, No Jet-Lag (recommended from a travel blogger), gauze, bandaids, alcohol swabs, Benadryl, Ibuprofen, Dramamine, Zyrtec-D, Neosporin, hydrocortisone cream, and antihistamines. We didn't use most of it, but we did use the dramamine and allergy medicine on a regular basis. 

Brita Water Bottle (link here)
I wouldn't recommend these if you need the water filtered/cleaned....they aren't meant to purify the water!! But they did make me feel a little better than just drinking from the tap!! Most of the countries we visited had clean tap water so it wasn't a problem. The one place that didn't have clean tap water, we bought bottled water and poured it into these water bottles. We seriously used these things everyday!! They were light and easy to carry...definitely recommend!!

Tripod for Camera, Phone, or Go Pro (link here)
Okay now this is a MUST HAVE!! Seriously the best thing we bought!! This tripod was easy to carry and was just awesome!! The legs are adjustable so we could attach them to anything. I bent the legs around a rock and then later that same day I bent them around a pole. I have 4 tripods...this is the best one I've ever used!!

Fake Wedding Ring (link here)
I didn't want to lose my wedding ring with all of our I bought a fake one!! So worth it!! I use it all the time now!! If we head out to the lake or just down to the pool I slip on my fake wedding ring!! 

Passport Case (link here)
I love my passport case!! I looked up a bunch of ideas on Etsy and then decided to just make my own. I bought the passport case (linked above) and then added a cute quote using my Cricut.

Travel Adapter (link here)
Needless to say we used our travel adapter everyday!! I get nervous about travel adapters because you can't really test it until you're overseas...but this little thing worked great!! I especially liked the USB port for my fire tablet and cell phone.

Snorkel Mask (link here)
I tried to snorkel in high school...and I hated it!! It made me super anxious that water was going to get in the top or that I'd breath at the wrong time.  I just couldn't do it!! Could not do it!! Neil promised if we got one of these masks that I'd be okay and that I'd feel safe. So we put it on the wedding registry...but I still wasn't convinced about this whole snorkeling thing. One day on our honeymoon we took a jetski over to the blue caves. I didn't want to try the snorkel mask so I just sat on the jet ski while Neil checked out the blue caves. As I was sitting there I was like "Am I really going to be 20 feet away from this gorgeous site and not see it because I'm too anxious???" At first my answer was "yes, I'm a wuss and I'm okay with that" and then I saw this 5 year old putting on his snorkeling mask...and I was like "That's it I'm going, can't let this 5 year old show me up."  Neil came back and let me try out the was perfect!! I wasn't stressed about water coming into the mask or water getting in the breathing tube. I actually enjoyed snorkeling!! I ended up just cruising around looking at fish after our trip to the exciting!!

Collapsible Beach Tent (link here)
Yes, we somehow managed to pack a collapsible beach tent in our luggage. We actually used it every time we went to the beach though!! It would block some of the sun so we could relax and read a book in the shade.  

Wi-fi Camera (link here)
Well for those of you that know know I love to take pictures!! I have two DSLR cameras...but I didn't want to take them on our honeymoon. I feel like my DSLR's are too big for everyday use...they make my neck hurt after a few hours.  So I found this awesome camera on Facebook Marketplace. It's light weight, compact, takes great photos/videos, and it has the ability to hook up to wifi!! Why is wifi so important?? Well it makes it super easy to download photos at the end of the day!! We would come back from dinner each night and I would hook up the camera to my fire tablet while we relaxed. Then I'd upload all of the photos to my Amazon Prime Account (best photo storage I could find online). May seem weird that I did this every night...but it was easy and I knew none of our photos would get lost!! Even if you don't get a camera with least download your photos in the evening so you don't loose them.

Selfie-Stick (link here)
I'm not ashamed to admit we bought a selfie-stick!! But we took some super cute photos with our selfie-stick!! Neil hates asking people to take our picture so this worked out nicely!! He always had it hooked up to his phone so anytime we were walking he could just extend it and snap a quick photo. 

Go Pro (link here)
Neil has a Go Pro and then he has a Go Pro knock off he bought from Costco. He brought both on our trip just in case something happened to one of them or he forgot to charge them.  Either way...I would definitely recommend a waterproof camera!! We used it to take video of us on the jet-ski's, we got pictures of us snorkeling in the blue caves, and we got pictures of us hiking through waterfalls. There are so many great memories captured on these handy little cameras!!

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