3 Days in Engelberg-Switzerland

The last stop on our amazing honeymoon adventure...Engelberg, Switzerland!!

What to do in Engelberg??
We spent our first day in Engelberg just walking around town and looking at all of the cute shops. We ate a late lunch downtown...raclette is a must have when you're in Switzerland...it's so yummy!! After our late lunch, we toured the abbey. The abbey was gorgeous!! It was built in 1120....and it's still a functioning abbey!!

WOW Group-Session 2

W.O.W. (Women Of Worth) is one of my favorite groups!! It focuses on self esteem for our beautiful young ladies!! 

Session 2 is a lot of fun!! It focuses on teamwork and helps the girls get to know each other. I always like to start a group with these types of fun activities because it sets the tone for the other sessions. It also sets a good "first impression" with the girls...gives them the idea that group is fun!!

3 Nights in Santorini

The honeymoon adventure continues in Santorini, Greece!!  Ahhh...Santorini!! Santorini is just one of those places that says "honeymoon"!!

What to do in Santorini??
We arrived in Santorini about two hours before sunset...perfect timing!! We took the transfer to our hotel from the airport (arranged in advance with our hotel) and then enjoyed the sunset from our private patio. Our hotel offered us a complimentary glass of wine when we arrived so we ended up sipping wine and watching the famous Santorini sunset on our first evening.

4 Days in Dubrovnik


The longest stop on our honeymoon adventure...Dubrovnik, Croatia!! Most people haven't heard of Dubrovnik...but if you've watched The Game of Thrones series then you've actually seen lots of Old Town Dubrovnik!! Dubrovnik feels like a different era...the city walls and buildings have really stood the test of time...just gorgeous!!

DIY Weighted Sensory Pillow

Weighted Sensory Pillow

I know you're probably wondering what a weighted sensory pillow is and why I'd want to sleep on it??  But it's actually not used for sleeping and it's not something I'd place on the couch in our living room. It's a counseling tool...yes that's right a pillow is a counseling tool used to help students calm down.

W.O.W. Group-Session 1

I started the W.O.W. Group my first year as a school counselor and it's something I look forward to every year!! W.O.W stands for Women Of Worth and it's a group focusing on self-esteem, body image, self worth, etc. I try to make it as fun as possible but still cover several important topics. Over the years I've added some new lessons and I've taken away some of the older lessons...I'm just always looking for new things to do!! Trying new lessons makes it fun for me too...keeps me on my toes!!

48 Hours in Korcula

48 Hours in Korcula

The honeymoon adventure continues in Korcula, Croatia!! We LOVED Korcula!! When we left Korcula we both agreed that we could've stayed here for like a week!! It was our favorite stop on our honeymoon adventure!!