3 Days in Engelberg-Switzerland

The last stop on our amazing honeymoon adventure...Engelberg, Switzerland!!

What to do in Engelberg??
We spent our first day in Engelberg just walking around town and looking at all of the cute shops. We ate a late lunch downtown...raclette is a must have when you're in Switzerland...it's so yummy!! After our late lunch, we toured the abbey. The abbey was gorgeous!! It was built in 1120....and it's still a functioning abbey!!
The tours aren't in English, but they do offer you a paper copy of the information in English. So Neil and I just read the information as we walked around the abbey.  After the tour, we grabbed some snacks at the grocery store and just relaxed at our hotel for the evening.

Engelberg Abbey

On our second day, we took the Brunni lift. The owner of our hotel recommended that we take the lift up to Ristis and then hike up to Brunni. She then recommended that we hike from Brunni to Rigidalalp to Rein to Hinter Horbis. She said it would be an easy hike with a lot of pretty views....she was right!! Such a wonderful afternoon hike!! We even found a little restaurant to eat a small lunch at...gotta love a bratwurst!!

Hiking down from Brunni

Our third day in Engelberg, was the busiest and the best!! It was the only day with really pretty weather so we wanted to make the most of it. We woke up pretty early and took the first bus over to the Titlis lift.  We read that it gets really busy later in the day because tourists from the other towns will come to Engelberg just to visit Titlis.  So we took the first lift up and made sure to beat the crowds!!

Hanging out at the top of Titlis

Once we were at the top, we walked straight out to the Titlist Cliff Walk!! The Titlist Cliff Walk is the highest suspension bridge in all of Europe..and the view is amazing!! After the suspension bridge, we headed inside to the glacier cave. It's cold inside but it's super neat!! We grabbed some food inside, enjoyed the views, and then decided to head back down the mountain. The lady at our hotel was right, Titlis isn't someplace I'd spend the whole day at...it's really fun for about 1-2 hours and then you're done. 

Getting ready to walk across the Titlis Cliff Walk

On the lift down, we stopped at Trubsee to do the Four Lakes Hike!! Such an easy and pretty hike!! Probably one of the prettiest hikes I've ever done!! Neil read some great tips online...we took the lifts up the mountain and then we'd hike down...hahaha. It made it easy, we still got to see all of the great views, and we made better time!! We stopped at the second lake and enjoyed a nice lunch. After lunch we decided to head back to Trubsee. We wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to catch the last lift down...we didn't think we'd have time to visit the 3rd lake and make it back in time.  What a beautiful way to end our honeymoon though...we absolutely loved Engelberg!!

Four Lakes Hike

Where to stay in Engelberg??
We stayed at Hotel Garni (info here) and it was perfect!! It's a lovely family run hotel and the owners were super helpful!! We had planned to follow the same agenda as Travel Gretl in her youtube video (link here)...but the owner of the hotel sat us down and basically helped us build a better itinerary. We originally thought we would spend a whole day at Titlis and she was like "No, you'll be bored...you only need an hour or two there. Plus the lift up to Titlis and the Four Lakes Hike is the same lift. Do it on the same day to save money...the Titlis lift is very expensive." She then recommended some other hikes for us and helped us plan which day we should do which activity based on the weather. She was SSSSOO helpful!! Completely changed our trip around!! Also...just an FYI...she was right the Titlis lift is about $100 per person!!! OMG!! So glad she took the time to check in with us and give us all of those recommendations. Also...since we stayed in Engelberg we got a certain percent off of all of the local attractions. Most people just drive into Engelberg for the day, so they like to give incentives for people to actually stay in town.

Our Hotel in Engelberg

How long to stay in Engelberg??
We spent 3 days in Engelberg, which was plenty of time for us.  I think it could easily be done in 2 days though.

Glacier Caves

How to get around Engelberg??
We flew into Zurich and then took the train to Engelberg.  The trains are super easy to use in Switzerland and it didn't take that long to get to Engelberg. Once we were in Engelberg, we took the (free) bus to our hotel. The bus dropped us off a few blocks away from our hotel, so we didn't have to carry our bags very far. We took the free bus a lot but we also would walk into town without the bus. It really wasn't far...just depended on where we were going and how tired we were.  We also took the lifts up into the mountains. No need to rent a car...it's very easy to get around by walking and using the bus!!

Walking into Engelberg

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