3 Nights in Santorini

The honeymoon adventure continues in Santorini, Greece!!  Ahhh...Santorini!! Santorini is just one of those places that says "honeymoon"!!

What to do in Santorini??
We arrived in Santorini about two hours before sunset...perfect timing!! We took the transfer to our hotel from the airport (arranged in advance with our hotel) and then enjoyed the sunset from our private patio. Our hotel offered us a complimentary glass of wine when we arrived so we ended up sipping wine and watching the famous Santorini sunset on our first evening.

our first sunset in Imerovigli

The next morning, we woke up and enjoyed a nice continental breakfast on our patio. We loved our little patio overlooking the caldera. Such a gorgeous view!!

breakfast on our patio

Anyway, we got a semi-early start to the day because we wanted to hike from Imerovigli to Oia. The views along the trail were absolutely amazing!! It's hard to say how long it took us to hike...maybe 3 hours?? I honestly wasn't paying attention to the time....we were just enjoying the views and the breeze. It's not a difficult hike but I would suggest wearing comfy shoes and bringing plenty of water. Also, the last hour was pretty hot...Neil had to take off his shirt and I was just stuck sweating through my little dress...haha.

stopped along the trail to take a photo

Once we got to Oia we enjoyed a nice lunch at Flora Cafe. Neil got mousaka...a very yummy Greek dish!! Definitely recommend trying while you're in Greece...even if it's at the airport...it's good everywhere!! haha

the trail leading into Oia

We spent our afternoon walking around Oia and enjoying some of the local shops. I got some jewelry and some cute leather sandals...you know what they say...when in Greece!!

walking around Oia

We then took the bus back to Imerovigli...the bus was super crowded!! They just pack everyone in...but whatever it's cheap and it didn't take very long to get back to the hotel. We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming at the hotel. We were having such a nice time at the hotel that we decided to just spend the night in. We ordered pizza, read a nice book on the patio, and watched another gorgeous sunset!!

Enjoying the pool at our hotel

The next day we woke up for our 8:30am photo shoot with Eva Rendl (for info click here). This was the best idea ever!! We got some amazing photos from our session with her and we were able to truly enjoy our trip!! We didn't stress about getting cute photos because we knew our photographer got plenty for us. We just did an hour photo-shoot with her, which was plenty of time for us.  I think 2 hours would've been to long. If you do book a photo-shoot in Santorini, be sure to bring some cute sunglasses. The buildings will reflect the sun and it'll be hard to keep your eyes open....sunglasses help hide all of the squinting eyes.

from our photo shoot with Eva Rendl

After our photo-shoot, we walked to Fira to pick up our rental car. We spent about an hour just walking around Fira...what a fun town!! I could've spent the entire day here but we were looking forward to a day at the beach...so we grabbed the car and headed off!! We started our mini-adventure at Perissa Black Sand Beach...yes it has black sand and it's super hot!! Bring good shoes so you don't burn the bottoms of your feet.  The water feels amazing here...so nice and warm!! We stayed here for a few hours and then decided to drive down to Theros Wave Bar for a late lunch. We walked around the beach after lunch and then headed to Santos Wine Winery.  The winery has a gorgeous view of the caldera!! If you'd like to watch the sunset from here then you definitely need reservations. We left as they were setting up for sunset and all of the tables were reserved...it's very busy in the evenings. We spent our last evening the same as all of the other evenings in Santorini...sitting on our patio watching the gorgeous sunset!!

Perisso Black Sand Beach

Where to stay in Santorini??
We decided to stay in Imerovigli...known for being the most relaxing/quietest town in Santorini and for having the best sunsets in Santorini!!  I'm super happy with our decision to stay in Imerovigli..it was perfect!! Very quiet and relaxing!! Santorini Dave (link here) offers some really great advice on which town to stay in...it just depends on what you're looking for. 

Neil enjoying an Imerovigli sunset

We stayed at Prekas Apartments (link here) in Imerovigli and we loved it!! It wasn't anything super fancy but the view was amazing!! Definitely recommend staying here!! Great service, amazing views, clean room, and all for a decent price!!

View from our hotel pool

How long to stay in Santorini??
We stayed for 3 nights...which was really just 2 full days. We definitely could've stayed here for 3 or 4 full days...it's just sssoo relaxing!! We could've spent our mornings going on adventures around the island and our afternoons just laying by the pool...that's my idea of a perfect vacation!!

enjoying a good book and an amazing view

How to get around Santorini??
We set up a transfer with our hotel to pick us up at the airport and drop us off in Imerovigli. From the hotel, we walked a lot and we took the bus once from Oia to Imerovigli. We also rented a car for a day so that we could see some of the beaches and wineries...but it was very hard to find parking at the end of the day. Also the roads were confusing in Santorini and we didn't always have cell phone service...so we couldn't use the maps on our cell phones. If you do decide to rent a car (or ATV) just be prepared to make some wrong turns!!

Where to next??
The honeymoon adventure continues in Engelberg, Switzerland!! The last stop on the honeymoon adventure!!

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