48 Hours in Korcula

48 Hours in Korcula

The honeymoon adventure continues in Korcula, Croatia!! We LOVED Korcula!! When we left Korcula we both agreed that we could've stayed here for like a week!! It was our favorite stop on our honeymoon adventure!!

What to do in Korcula??
Our first day in Korcula we just walked around Old Town Korcula. It was less than 5 minutes to the Old Town from our AirBnB. We ate along the city walls for lunch and then checked out some of the local stores.

Shopping around Old Town Korcula

I got a lot of jewelry from this local jewelry store...I just fell in love with their stuff!! And I got some Rose Oil Perfume from a Bulgarian shop in Old Town. I learned all about the Rose Festival in Bulgaria...such a sweet owner!! As we were walking around town, we decided to visit the bell tower.

View from the bell tower

You have to pay a small fee before you can hike up to the bell tower, but it was worth it!! The views from the bell tower were breathtaking!! We then ate dinner along the city walls again, and enjoyed some of the local music playing along the streets.

Dinner in Old Town Korcula

Our second day in Korcula was the best!! We rented a scooter and went out on an adventure!! The scooter definitely made the trip interesting!! I was petrified of the scooter!! Driving along the main road was nice because the road was paved and it was gorgeous!! But then we decided to turn down this dirt road to a hidden little beach...we had heard from the locals that it was a hidden gem!!

"Let's drive down the dirt road to that pretty beach"

Riding on a dirt road...down a small mountain...on a tiny scooter...was terrifying!! My nails were digging into Neil I was holding on so tight!! haha...but we made it and the beach was gorgeous!!

Quiet little beach

We stayed for a few hours and then we decided to go eat lunch in a small town close by. Well...that was easier said than done. Our scooter was so tiny it couldn't make it back up the mountain!! I had to hop off with our backpack and gear so Neil could drive it up the steep sections. I'd hike up to him and then we'd ride for a little bit until I had to hop off again...hahaha....but we eventually made it back to the main road.

"I'll meet you at the top"

We stopped in Pupnat to eat at Konoba Mate (link here)...a yummy little local restaurant. Then we tried to ride to another beach...but..eventually I had to ask Neil to stop the scooter. I was to scared to go back down and get stuck at some beach...so we cruised through to Cara and then turned around.  We turned the scooter back in, freshened up, and again went to dinner along the city walls of Old Town Korcula.

Dinner along the town walls

One of our favorite parts about Korcula was just eating dinner each night along the city walls...it was such a great atmosphere!! After dinner we went to the famous Massimo Cocktail Bar!! Such great views..and a very neat atmosphere.  It's a bar on the top of a medieval tower.  You have to go up a ladder to get to the terrace and enjoy the views...so neat!!

Taking the ladder up to Massimo Cocktail Bar

Where to stay in Korcula??
We stayed in an AirBnB like a block or two away from Old Town Korcula. Again...it was a lot cheaper than staying in Old Town but we still had all of the perks.  Also...our hosts were sssoo friendly!! They met us at the port, helped us with our bags, recommended some restaurants and beaches for us, and had some homemade baked treats for us!! AirBnB is definitely the way to go (link to our AirBnB here)!!

Korcula at night

How long to stay in Korcula??
We only stayed for 2 nights, but we wish we would've stayed longer. We wanted to check out some more of the island and just relax on the beaches. Korcula is more of a relaxing island...so it just depends on how much relaxation you're needing...hahaha

Walking around Korcula

How to get around Korcula??
We took the ferry from Split to Korcula and then from Korcula to Dubrovnik when we left. You'll need to get your ferry tickets in advance because they sell out quickly (our AirBnB host recommended this to us).

Getting ready for our scooter adventures

Our AirBnB was about a 5-10 minute walk from the ferry port so no need for a taxi or anything. Our AirBnB was within walking distance to all of the restaurants and shops in Old Town Korcula...so we just walked a lot. We did rent a scooter to check out more of the island, but we'd recommend a bigger scooter to make it up the steep hills. We tried to reserve a scooter...but when we showed up all of the scooters were gone!! Luckily we walked to another rental place and they had one scooter left. Definitely want to get up early and get yourself a scooter...or maybe reserve it the night before.

Old Town Korcula

Where to next??
Next stop on the honeymoon adventure...Dubrovnik!!

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  1. Beautiful looking adventure! I may have to go some day.

    1. Definitely!! It's one of our all time favorite places to visit!!