Christmas Markets-Austin Texas 2018

Christmas Austin 2018

Tis the Season to Go To Christmas Markets...Fa-La-La-La-La, La-La-La-La (I had to sing that slowly so I could get all the "La"s in there...hahaha).

Every year I look forward to going to Christmas's just so festive!! I've been going to Christmas Markets my whole life!! I remember when I was little, we'd drive up to my grandparents and we'd spend the whole day driving around to all of the different bazaars.
I'm pretty sure my mom would run off with my aunt and my grandma...leaving us with grandpa....which was the best!! Anytime you picked anything up, grandpa would ask "Do you want me to buy that for you?" I was old enough to know not to take advantage of I'd say no (I said yes a few times...not gonna lie). My sister on the other hand was like she'd say yes every time!! She'd pick up a doll...grandpa would ask if she wanted it...she'd say yes. Seriously...I'd be looking at something...turn around and within 3 minutes he'd bought her like 2 things. Sometimes she'd be looking at something new while he was still paying for the other item she'd just asked for. Okay...I may be exaggerating a little...but that's what my 9 year old mind remembers from those days.  I got all the gifts I really wanted...and Paige got everything she saw!!

Anyway...this year I've decided to share my calendar of Christmas Markets in the Austin area.  I hope to see you all out there supporting local businesses and enjoying some of the holiday festivities!! If you hear of any other craft shows/fairs let me know and I'll be sure to add it to the list!!

October 26-27
Labor of Love Holiday Market at Hillcrest Church 

November 3
Connally High School Holiday Bazaar
Artreach Gift Fair at Westover Hills Church of Christ
Holiday Market at Typhoon Texas

November 8-11
Georgetown Christmas Spectacular (Nov 8th-10th) (My #1 Favorite)
Sleigh Bell Lane in Round Rock (Nov 8th-10th) (another fave)
Jingle Bell House at Avery Ranch (Nov 8th-10th) (another fave)
MistleToe Market in Leander (Nov 8th-10th)
Round Rock Holiday Bazaar (Nov 10th only) (another fave)
Holiday Market at Hyde Park Presbyterian Church (Nov 10th only)
Bethany Market at Bethany Lutheran Church (Nov 10th only)
Merry Marketplace at Bethany United Methodist Church (Nov 10th only)
Harvest Festival at Lord of Life Lutheran (Nov 10th only) (yummy bake sale)
St. Thomas More Christmas Bazaar (Nov 10th-11th)

Novemeber 14-18
A Christmas Affair at Palmer Events Center (purchase tickets in advance)
Jingle Bell House in Georgetown (Nov 16th-18th)
Market of Hope in Round Rock (Nov 17th only)
MOPS Christmas Bazaar at Great Hills Baptist Church (Nov 17th only)
Holiday Craft Bazaar at Westoak Woods Baptist Church (Nov 17th only)
Leander High Craft Market (Nov 17th only)
Pfall Pfest Craft Show (Nov 17th only)

November 24th-25th
Blue Genie Art Bazaar (Nov 24-Dec 24)
Renegade Winter Craft Fair (Nov 24th-25th)

November 30th--December 1st
Georgetown Christmas Stroll  (Nov 30-Dec 1st)
Gifts of Hope Alternate Gift Market at St John's United Methodist (Dec 1st-2nd)
German-Texas Christmas Market (Dec 1st only)
Blue Genie Art Bazaar (Nov 24-Dec 24)

December 7-9
Vintage Market Days (Dec 7th-9th) (Entrance Fee)
Cherrywood Art Fair (Dec 8th-9th)
Vista Ridge Holiday Bazaar (Dec 8th only)
Blue Genie Art Bazaar (Nov 24-Dec 24)

December 13-24
Armadillo Bazaar (Dec 13-24) (entrance fee) (not my style...but you may enjoy it)
Blue Genie Art Bazaar (Nov 24-Dec 24)
Lost Pines Christmas Stocking Stuffer Saturday (Dec 15th only)

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