DIY Weighted Sensory Pillow

I know you're probably wondering what a weighted sensory pillow is and why I'd want to sleep on it??  But it's actually not used for sleeping and it's not something I'd place on the couch in our living room. It's a counseling tool...yes that's right a pillow is a counseling tool used to help students calm down.
I know it sounds weird but there are all sorts of neat tricks to help soothe students. I have a box on my desk full of different tools to help students calm's all about finding what works best for them. Anyway...I went to a training recently and they had one of these weighted sensory pillows!! Luckily I was sitting next to one of the speakers and she explained to me how they made it!!

It's super easy to make...took me like 10 minutes and cost about $19. I bought the pillow case on Amazon for about $8 (link here), 10 lbs of bird seed at Walmart for about $8, and the pillow stuffing at Walmart for about $3.

I poured the bird seed into 4 gallon sized zip-lock bags. I placed the zip-lock bags in the pillow case and stuffed the pillow. I made sure to put the stuffing every where so it was soft no matter where you picked it up.

Zip it up and you're done!! Ah...I can't wait to try it out tomorrow at work!!

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