W.O.W. Group-Session 1

I started the W.O.W. Group my first year as a school counselor and it's something I look forward to every year!! W.O.W stands for Women Of Worth and it's a group focusing on self-esteem, body image, self worth, etc. I try to make it as fun as possible but still cover several important topics. Over the years I've added some new lessons and I've taken away some of the older lessons...I'm just always looking for new things to do!! Trying new lessons makes it fun for me too...keeps me on my toes!!

Ideally the group would be about 10 girls, but I normally end up with about 22 girls in the group. I should probably limit it...but it's hard to turn girls away. Plus I've edited some of the lessons to make it easier to do in a large group setting.

For each session I have a PowerPoint, which I'll be sure to upload each week (1st session is linked at the bottom of this post). The PowerPoint helps guide me and it helps keep a sense of order in such a large group.  The first session is all about getting to know the girls, explaining the purpose of the group, and going over group expectations. 

For all of my groups, I typically have the same group expectations:
1) What happens in group stays in group.
2) Don't judge.
3) Be respectful and kind.
4) If we're being serious, then we're all being serious.
5) You can always say "pass".

Once we've reviewed the purpose of the group and the group expectations, we play the tennis ball name game.  I'm not sure where I originally got this game from but I think I did it at a training once...who knows I've been doing it for so long it's hard to remember!!

Here's how the tennis ball name game works:
Everyone gets in a circle. One person will start with a tennis ball. They will say someone’s name in the group and then bounce the tennis ball to them. That person then says the name of a different person and bounces the tennis ball to them. Students try to pass the tennis ball to someone who has not received it yet. The pattern continues until everyone in the circle has received the tennis ball. Then I challenge the students. I tell them we're going to see how fast we can pass the tennis ball!! We do it in the same order each time and we time ourselves to see how fast we can go.  It's a great way for them to learn the other girl's names and for them to work on same teamwork. 

Once we've learned everyone's names, we then play This or That. The girls always LOVE this activity!! They sit in a circle and one girl will start the game by holding onto a piece of yarn. They will pull from the bag of popsicle sticks and read the two options. For this example, let’s say the stick says “Chocolate or Vanilla”. The volunteer tells the group which one they prefer and everyone who agrees raises their hand. The ball of yarn is then passed to everyone holding up their hands. As the ball of yarn is passed to each person, they hold onto a piece of the yarn. Once everyone has received the ball of yarn for that round, the person holding the yarn picks a new stick from the bag and the game continues. Eventually the girls make a big web between them, which shows all of the things they have in common!!

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