WOW Group-Session 2

W.O.W. (Women Of Worth) is one of my favorite groups!! It focuses on self esteem for our beautiful young ladies!! 

Session 2 is a lot of fun!! It focuses on teamwork and helps the girls get to know each other. I always like to start a group with these types of fun activities because it sets the tone for the other sessions. It also sets a good "first impression" with the them the idea that group is fun!!

I start Session 2 with reviewing the rules/expectations of group. I try to review these as much as possible, it really helps with behavior. We then play the Cup Challenge!! I don't remember where I played this activity at but it's a lot of fun (example here: I give the girls a stack of cups and a rubber band with 5 pieces of string attached to it. The challenge is to stack the cups without talking and without touching the cups!! I make them race to stack their cups, so they get super competitive!! 

We debrief after the activity and sometimes we change it up and do it a different way (just depends on the amount of time we have left).  We then move on to the human knot...this is always a fun activity too!! If I have a large group of girls, I'll split them up into two groups and make it a competition again.  Middle school girls just love to compete!! Directions for the human knot can be found on the PowerPoint linked below. 

One of the neat things about the human knot is I can sometimes talk about integrity in our debrief. My last group that did this activity accidentally broke their knot several times. But they were honest and just restarted the activity from the beginning. They didn't lie and just rejoin it was a great opportunity to debrief on character traits afterwards.

Next week in W.O.W. we'll be talking about body image and the media....stay tuned!!

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