14 Souvenirs That Don't Suck

How would you define "souvenir"?? Well I would define a souvenir as anything that reminds you of your travels. It really doesn't have to be anything expensive or fancy...just something that reminds you of a happy time and puts a smile on your face.

 My mom bought a pair of socks on one of her trips to Chicago because the socks she had on kept falling down inside of her shoe....super annoying when you're trying to walk around town. So she stopped at a store and bought herself a pair of $30 socks....hahaha...the most expensive pair of socks she's ever owned. She didn't buy them as a souvenir, she bought them so she could enjoy the rest of her day...but now every time she wears them she says "Oh my Chicago socks."  Would I call my mom's socks a souvenir?? Yep!! haha...I wouldn't call it a great souvenir...but it does bring back a happy memory for her.  

Below are a list of 14 souvenirs that don't completely suck...I mean they're better than collecting thimbles at least.

Jewelry: I love getting jewelry when we travel..every time I wear a piece it reminds me of the trip.

Christmas Ornaments: This is a new one we just started on our honeymoon. I read about a blogger who collects Christmas ornaments from all of their trips and then at Christmas every year they reminisce over their trips as they decorate their tree. I thought it sounded cute so we started collecting Christmas Ornaments too.

Coasters: Such a practical souvenir!! And they're easy to pack!!

Beauty Products/Perfume: I mean why not pamper yourself a little with something unique from your trip?!?! I recently got some Bulgarian Rose Oil...it smells amazing!!

Local Art: My parents collected artwork on all of our major family trips.  Yes...their house is covered in paintings!! But they also collected other artwork like pottery and specialty woodwork pieces.

Cookbooks: Want to make authentic Italian food...why not get a cookbook while you're in Italy?? Translate it later...hahaha

Reusable Tote Bag: Easy to pack and something you'll use every week when you go to the grocery store!!

Wooden Spoons: WOODEN spoons...not to be confused with your grandma's specialty teaspoon collection. On our honeymoon I noticed a lot of stores had decorated wooden spoons by either painting on them or doing some wood burning on the front. Both super cute!! Perfect for that farmhouse style kitchen!!

Something Local: Know the history of your destination and what it's known for...or just ask someone local. Neil got a handheld coffee grinder from Bosnia...our guide talked all about the local coffee and how it's an important part of their culture. Neil decided he wanted one of their grinders to try at home...perfect little souvenir!!

Lapel Pins: Lapel pins are starting to make a come back!! I've seen people add lapel pins to their hiking backpacks...super cute idea!!

Patches: I started collecting patches when I was in 5th grade...and by 8th grade I had like 20 patches!! I didn't know what I was going to do with them but I knew that someday I'd figure it out. Well a few years ago, I finally decided to add all of my patches to a weekend travel bag...perfect!!

Maps: There are so many neat things you can make with old maps. You can make a bookmark, jewelry, coaster, Christmas ornament, magnet, furniture, key-chain, decorated rock, etc. Seriously you can add a map to almost anything!!

Post Cards: At the end of every day, buy a post card and write about your day...it's a great way to wrap up the day!! It also keeps your days organized so they don't all blend together!! After your trip you can store them in a box, add them to your scrapbook, make a booklet out of them using a binder ring, or just stick them up on the refrigerator.

Magnets: I don't collect magnets but it's a great idea!! You can make magnets using leftover coins or photos from your trip...or you can buy magnets at a local souvenir shop.

What's something unique that you collect on your travels?!?!?

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  1. I love how you tie memories from you past to practical ideas for now.