W.O.W. Group-Session 7

W.O.W. (Women of Worth) is one of my favorite groups!! The group focuses on self-esteem, body image, self worth, etc. If you haven't already read the previous W.O.W. Sessions click on the following links: Session 1Session 2Session 3,Session 4,  Session 5,  Session 6.

This session is all about ignoring our negative self talk and overcoming our fears! I tell the girls there are real fears and then there are silly fears made up in our head. Real fears are like if you're stuck in a cage with lion...that's a legit real fear! Then I give the girls an example of a silly fear I've had...my most recent silly fear was snorkeling. I was so afraid to just try it that I almost missed out on an awesome experience. Then I saw a 5 year old snorkeling and I realized the fear was completely irrational/silly. I overcame my negative self talk and just started telling myself that I could do it! And then I show the girls a picture of my snorkeling experience and how it was totally worth it! I ask the girls if there's something that they've wanted to try but they're negative self talk has gotten in the way? Maybe they've created a silly fear in themselves? We talk about these fears using the Positive Self-Talk Worksheet (pictured below) and I challenge each of them to try something new the following week.

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