Palo Duro Canyon and Caprock Canyon

Everyone's heard about the Grand Canyon...but what about the second largest canyon in the country?? Well it's right here in Texas...The Palo Duro Canyon!! Palo Duro Canyon is about a 7.5 hour drive from Austin and about a 6 hour drive from Dallas....the perfect spring break trip!! Anything under 8 hours is an easy road trip in my opinion...after 8 hours and it starts to get unbearable. We broke up the drive a little by stopping in Abilene for a quick lunch at Lucy's Big Burgers (yummy) and a caffeine refill at Monk's Coffee Shop (super cute coffee shop).

Creamed Corn

My husband LOVES creamed corn, so I decided to make him some myself. I took several recipes and combined them all's what I came up with:

4 cups frozen corn
1 cup heavy cream
6 tbsp butter
8 oz cream cheese
2 tbsp sugar
3/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper

Add all of the ingredients to a crock pot and cook on high for 2-4 hours. It's a super easy recipe and it's really good!! My husband says it's his favorite...but then again he might just be saying that...hahaha 

Roller Coasters-Grief Group

Have you ever started a project...gotten completely overwhelmed and then decided you should just take a time out from the project?? You're not really giving up...just putting it on the back burner while you regroup??  Well that's how this post started!! Last year (yes...I took a yearlong timeout) I wrote Starting a Grief Group...but then I never wrote about how to actually have a grief group. Honestly I had so much I wanted to share about grief that it was overwhelming!! But I've got a whole day free...and a large let's do this!!

Treat Yo Self-Teacher Training

If you have a teacher training/professional development day coming up, then you seriously need to do have a session over self-care!! This time of the year is super stressful...everyone is talking data, the kids are getting antsy for spring break, and patience is running thin...I mean we're past the 100 day mark and still repeating the same instructions as day's exhausting!! This is the perfect time of the year to remind teachers to take a little break, recharge their batteries, and relax a little...they deserve it!! This one hour session discusses the importance of self-care, provides teachers with a list of positive coping strategies, provides multiple stations for teachers to practice self-care  (approximately 30 minutes total), and a self-care action plan for the next month.

Tips for Living in a Small Apartment

Tips for Living in a Small Apartment

Are you looking at moving into a small apartment?? Needing some ideas on how to help save space?? Well I had a similar situation...Neil (my amazing hubby) and I really wanted to live downtown Austin for a year. We thought it would be a fun little adventure!! After looking for apartments we finally settled on one just off Lady Bird Lake...not downtown but close enough. We LOVE the location and it's been a great little adventure...but our space is tiny!! Maybe not as tiny as living in like New York City...but it's about 600 sq ft!! That's tiny for us!! Before we got married, I was living in an 800 sq ft apartment and Neil was living in a rental house. We were both downsizing...and moving in together...and wedding gifts were arriving daily!! We had to come up with a game's what's worked for us:

Wedding Registry Items for Couples in Their 30's

Wedding Registry Items for Couples in their 30s

Why is it so hard to put together a wedding registry?? I mean if I had gotten married right out of would've been sssoo much easier!! I graduated college with 2 plastic bowls and 2 plastic plates...I could've created a wedding registry with 1000 things back then.  But I didn't get engaged until like 7 years after college!! By that time I'd gotten a real job, moved into a real apartment, taught myself to cook something other than ramen noodles, and bought some decent kitchen/household items.

White Chicken Chili

If you aren't already aware of this...Neil and I are in a soup phase!! It's cold out and soup is just perfect!! And out of all of the soups we've been eating...this is our favorite!! It's yummy and super easy to make!!