Tips for Living in a Small Apartment

Tips for Living in a Small Apartment

Are you looking at moving into a small apartment?? Needing some ideas on how to help save space?? Well I had a similar situation...Neil (my amazing hubby) and I really wanted to live downtown Austin for a year. We thought it would be a fun little adventure!! After looking for apartments we finally settled on one just off Lady Bird Lake...not downtown but close enough. We LOVE the location and it's been a great little adventure...but our space is tiny!! Maybe not as tiny as living in like New York City...but it's about 600 sq ft!! That's tiny for us!! Before we got married, I was living in an 800 sq ft apartment and Neil was living in a rental house. We were both downsizing...and moving in together...and wedding gifts were arriving daily!! We had to come up with a game's what's worked for us:

Garage Sale-Oh're gonna have to have a garage sale!! Neil was AMAZING at this!! He understood that everything at the garage sale had to go...didn't matter the original just had to go!! I would be way I paid $100 for's worth $20 at least. Neil would be like...$10 and I'll throw in that book you're holding.  He did packaged deals and was practically handing out our stuff to people...which worked!! He made like $500 in a few hours!! Totally paid for our moving truck and all of the moving boxes/gear!!

Items You Can Buy Again--As you're going through your stuff for downsizing...ask yourself if you can live without the item for a few years?? If the answer is yes and it's a fairly cheap item...then get rid of it!! Now if it's the sewing machine your grandma passed down to you and it's $400...then hold onto can find a place for it.

Minimalist--I was watching a YouTube video about life as a minimalist and it kind of inspired me...why do I have 6 cooking spoons?!?!? Why can't I just live with one and keep washing it?? You're going to have to become more of a minimalist if you want to live in a small space.  So get rid of the extra cooking spoons...get rid of the 5 black sweaters you own...every bit of space counts!! Get rid of it!!

Bed Risers--Yes the $8 bed risers you bought for college...bring them back out!! You're gonna need them...every bit of space counts!! Don't forget to double check your bed...our bed has 6 legs so we had to buy two packs of bed risers.

Box Spring--Most beds need a box spring, but you don't need the whole box spring!! I know...I sound crazy...but I'm about to give you a ton of storage space!! Normally your box spring comes with a thin layer of fabric on the bottom...take it off!! Grab a pair of scissors and cut it all off!!

Bed Storage--Now that you're bed is raised and you cut off the fabric on the box have storage space!! Measure the space under your bed and get ready to play some Tetris!! Take your measurements to Walmart to determine which storage containers will be the best fit. You want to use all of that space!!

Bed Skirt--Now that you've got a ton of storage under your bed...hide it all!! We bought an adjustable bed skirt from Walmart (link here) and it's perfect!! We just pulled it out until it was the right perfect!!

Closet Storage Boxes--Measure every piece of that closet!! This is going to become another game of Tetris!! We bought different types of storage boxes to make use of every inch of that closet!! We even used the floor to store things...shirts don't touch the floor so make use of that floor!!

Storage boxes in the closet, under the bed, and in the bathroom.

Specialty Hangers--Depending on your closet space you may need to invest in some crafty hangers to save on space.  Here's an example specialty hangers for your clothes and here's an example of specialty scarf hangers.

Hanging Laundry Hamper--On the back of your door hang a laundry hamper.  Add a command hook about halfway down the door and add another hanging laundry hamper...make use of every piece of that apartment!!

Hanging Laundry Hampers

Decor Baskets--Every space counts!! The coffee table has baskets under it...the TV stand has baskets in it...the end tables have baskets in them...the book shelf has baskets in it. Baskets baskets everywhere!!

Bookshelf with storage baskets

Roll Up Drying Rack--You're not going to have room for a regular drying rack for your dishes...they take up too much counter space!! You're going to want one of these instead!!

The Two Shelf Pantry--Well we don't have a pantry anymore...and that's new for me!! We use two really small shelves to store food...if it doesn't fit on those shelves then we don't need it.  It also forces us to be smart when we go grocery shopping.

Step Stool--I use our step stool weekly!! You know how most people never need to get to the top shelves of their kitchen...well that's not the case when you live in a small apartment. Every space is used which means I need to get to those high shelves frequently. I use our step stool several times a week!! It's just something I've had to get used too...definitely a change but it's really not a big deal.

Shelves--If there's extra space somewhere...add some shelves. If you have room under the bathroom sink...add a shelf. The more space you can create the better off you'll be!! Shelves also make it easy for you to access things.

Wall Decor--Invest in some cute wall decor that can also be used for storage!! We have some cute hanging baskets and a coat rack....the coat rack saves us space in the closet.

Wall Decor/Storage

Mirror--Great decor for the apartment...really opens up the space!! Mirrors can make a room look larger and brighter...perfect for a small apartment!!

Mirror, Ottoman, Baskets...and a little kitten...

Ottoman--Furniture that can double as storage space is awesome!!

DeClutter Regularly--We are constantly decluttering and cleaning up. You can't afford to not clean up...clutter makes it look chaotic in such a small environment. Keep it clean and organized!

I hope these tips help make your life a little easier in your tiny apartment/home. If you have any other suggestions for small apartment living I'd love to hear them!! I'm always looking for new ideas for our little place!!

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