Wedding Registry Items for Couples in Their 30's

Wedding Registry Items for Couples in their 30s

Why is it so hard to put together a wedding registry?? I mean if I had gotten married right out of would've been sssoo much easier!! I graduated college with 2 plastic bowls and 2 plastic plates...I could've created a wedding registry with 1000 things back then.  But I didn't get engaged until like 7 years after college!! By that time I'd gotten a real job, moved into a real apartment, taught myself to cook something other than ramen noodles, and bought some decent kitchen/household items.

So when we sat down to make our wedding registry...I was like um...I'm an adult...I own stuff now. We came up with like 5 things to put on the registry...that's it.

I eventually called my mom...and gained some wonderful wisdom from usual. She said "Jessica, you may own pots and pans but if I recall they're hand-me downs from your father and I...which we got as wedding gift over 30 years ago. You bought your crockpot for $5 at a garage sale and your food processor is $3 from a Walmart Black Friday sale. Perhaps instead of thinking you already have things, you should be thinking about things that will last you both a lifetime. Maybe add a nice $30 food processor to your registry that'll last you 30 years instead of the $3 one you own...which probably won't last through your first year of marriage."

It definitely changed my perspective a bit...maybe it was time to pass my pots and pans on to my sister....maybe it was time we upgraded to some nice kitchen knives that wouldn't rust after a year. So we started going through all of our stuff and created our "dream kitchen/household list"!!

These guidelines helped us put together our "dream household list" aka our wedding registry:

  1. The item has to be something we would use and would consider purchasing ourselves (Would we buy an InstaPot for ourselves?? Yes!! Would we buy a hot-dog warmer for ourselves?? No!!)
  2. The item has to be something for the both of us...meaning we both must agree on every item!! (No putting video games on a wedding registry!! Remember it's about a gift for your life together...not your hubby's Christmas Wish List. It's also not about getting pink kitchen gadgets...ladies...don't do that to your man!!).
  3. We've researched the item and ensured it's worth the price. We don't want to ask for a $200 knife set that will only last 2 years when the $300 knife set is known to last a life time...with a lifetime guarantee.  Yes, we read about every item on our registry. We read reviews from professional cooks and other companies comparing the different brands...we wanted to make sure that it would last throughout the years!!
  4. Keep an open don't have to ask for just kitchen or bathroom items. If you feel like something would contribute to your life together...then add it. Remember...each gift should contribute to your life as a married couple.

After a few weeks of's what we came up with:

Travel Items: If you're going on a honeymoon be sure to add some travel items to your wedding registry!! Here's a list of all of the travel items we got for our honeymoon and for all of our future trips together (link here).

Outdoor Items: A wedding registry isn't just about kitchen stuff. Remember the guideline about keeping an open's about things to build your life together. If you enjoy the outdoors then add a new tent, hiking backpack, cooking stove, portable cookware, camping lantern, hammock, air mattress, camping chairs, fold-able camping table, yeti cooler, or inflatable kayak to your wedding registry!!

Life Style Items: Again keep an open's not just about household items. It's about items that you'll use as a couple!! We asked for some board games because we love having game nights with our friends!! We also asked for a washer set for when we're grilling out with friends or hanging around the campfire.

Tools: Now don't go over board with the tools...if you're not that type of person then don't waste the money.  But if you enjoy getting your hands dirty and fixing things on your own...consider adding some handy tools to your wedding registry.

Kitchen Items: Most of the kitchen items on our registry were upgrades from what we owned...but I'm in LOVE with our new kitchen!! Here's what we added to the registry...hand blender, hand mixer, air fryer, Instant Potraclette, Wusthof knife setcast iron skillet set, cast iron griddle, KitchenAid kitchen utensils, JA Henckels International steak knife set, Analon cookware set, KitchenAid Stand Mixermeasuring cups, angled measuring cupsmeasuring spoonsstainless steel mixing bowl settoaster, food processor, OXO containers, Keurig, Keurig accessories, cutting boardsbaking pans, silicone baking matbakers half sheet panrubber spatulasbrown sugar saversalt and pepper grinder, kitchen towel holder, roll up dish rack, wine aerator, oven mits, new cookbook, and serving utensils. If you're needing more are some items we already owned and decided we wanted to keep (things we didn't want/need to upgrade)....our fiesta dinnerware, silverware, glass bowel set, storage containers, glass baking dishes, ninja, panini maker, waffle maker, veggie steamer, and crockpot (yes I kept my $5 crockpot because it's amazing...hahaha).

Household Items: Sheets, comforter or duvet, SentrySafenight lights, fabric steamer, hand vacuum, fancy iron, curtains, blankets, and other decor.

Bathroom Items: We didn't need new bathroom items...but let's just say Neil wasn't thrilled with all of my coral bathroom decor!! was a bit feminine so we got a whole new bathroom set. We got new towels, a shower curtain, a shower rug, soup dispenser, and shower caddy. Neil really wanted this expensive shower caddy and I thought it was a waste of money...but honestly it's amazing!!

Now that we've covered what to register for...let's talk about where to register?? I read a ton of articles about this!! And the answer is K.I.S.S....Keep It Simple Stupid!! Don't register at a ton of places...and don't try any of those new wedding registry companies. They charge a fee to keep all of your registries in one location...waste of money!! Especially since you can add all of your registries to your wedding website for free!! I recommend registering at three locations...Amazon, HoneyFund, and a large chain of some sort (Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc). Some people like to pick things out in person which is why a large chain store is nice. HoneyFund is great because people can gift you an activity, dinner, or hotel for your honeymoon!! Lastly, I recommend registering at Amazon because...well it's Amazon!! It's easy for people to pick something out, a lot people qualify for free shipping, and it keeps track of who purchased the item for you (makes it easy to write thank you notes).

While we're on the topic of thank you notes...don't be a millennial and forget thank you notes!! I know thank you notes might sound old school...but if someone took the time to pick something out for you then you should find a way to thank them. If you don't know how to write a thank you note then google "wedding thank you note etiquette and examples". The hardest part is finding the time to write a million thank you notes...but if you write the notes as soon as you receive the gifts it'll be a lot easier (spaced out over time). Otherwise grab a cup of coffee, turn on Netflix, and make an afternoon of it...or maybe a whole day...hahaha.

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