Treat Yo Self-Teacher Training

If you have a teacher training/professional development day coming up, then you seriously need to do have a session over self-care!! This time of the year is super stressful...everyone is talking data, the kids are getting antsy for spring break, and patience is running thin...I mean we're past the 100 day mark and still repeating the same instructions as day's exhausting!! This is the perfect time of the year to remind teachers to take a little break, recharge their batteries, and relax a little...they deserve it!! This one hour session discusses the importance of self-care, provides teachers with a list of positive coping strategies, provides multiple stations for teachers to practice self-care  (approximately 30 minutes total), and a self-care action plan for the next month.

My amazing coworker and I put this whole thing together pretty really doesn't take much prep work. We created the PowerPoint (provided for you below), printed copies of the activities, created cute signs for the stations, turned on some music, turned on the diffuser, and provided healthy snacks (fruit, veggies, and nuts).

The main task is setting up the stations, here are the stations we created (feel free to come up with your own though): coloring station, writing station, photo scavenger hunt station, art station, positive talk station, uno station, and puzzle station.

Here are all of the resources you'll need:

To Download The PowerPoint Click Here

To Download The List of Positive Coping Strategies Click Here

To Download The Self-Care Wheel Click Here

To Download The Art Ideas for the Art Station Click Here

To Download The Photo Scavenger Hunt List Click Here

To Download The Gratitude List for the Writing Station Click Here

To Download The Exit Ticket/Action Plan Click Here

Honestly, I would recommend everyone review the list of positive coping strategies and create their own action plan (even if you're not a teacher). We could all use a little reminder to take care of can never have too much self-care!!

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