A Weekend at Colorado Bend State Park

Weekend at Colorado Bend State Park

Doesn't it feel good to check things off your bucket list??  Neil has been wanting to go to Colorado Bend State Park for years and we finally went!! We definitely needed a little break from all of our home renovations....and this was the perfect little get away!!

Colorado Bend State Park is about 2 hours from Austin, 3 hours from Dallas/Fort Worth, and 2.5 hours from San Antonio. Definitely close enough for a weekend trip!! Unfortunately it's in the middle of all of the major cities...which is one of the reasons why it's so popular!! It frequently reaches maximum capacity so be sure to book your camping reservations early!! If you're just wanting to visit for the day, then I'd recommend booking a "Save the Day Pass"!! You'd hate to drive out there and it be full!!

Once you get to the park, you have quite the selection of fun activities...keep reading for more info on park activities.