A Weekend at Colorado Bend State Park

Weekend at Colorado Bend State Park

Doesn't it feel good to check things off your bucket list??  Neil has been wanting to go to Colorado Bend State Park for years and we finally went!! We definitely needed a little break from all of our home renovations....and this was the perfect little get away!!

Colorado Bend State Park is about 2 hours from Austin, 3 hours from Dallas/Fort Worth, and 2.5 hours from San Antonio. Definitely close enough for a weekend trip!! Unfortunately it's in the middle of all of the major cities...which is one of the reasons why it's so popular!! It frequently reaches maximum capacity so be sure to book your camping reservations early!! If you're just wanting to visit for the day, then I'd recommend booking a "Save the Day Pass"!! You'd hate to drive out there and it be full!!

Once you get to the park, you have quite the selection of fun activities...keep reading for more info on park activities.

Hiking at Colorado Bend State Park

The best hike at Colorado Bend State Park is definitely the Gorman Falls Trail!! At the end of the trail is Gorman Falls...a beautiful Texas waterfall!!! That's right...we have waterfalls in Texas!! It's gorgeous!! So relaxing!! Unfortunately you can't really swim in the waterfall though.  I've seen people take photos of themselves in the water...but the rocks are really slippery and it's against the rules. It didn't look worth it to me...so we just sat on the bench and enjoyed the view.

Gorman Falls Trail
Gorman Falls

Gorman Falls Trail is the most popular trail at Colorado Bend State Park...so get an early start!! We started our hike at 8:30am and we had the waterfalls all to ourselves!! On our hike back we noticed lots of people were heading down...so get an early start!! Also it's important to note that the last little section of the trail to Gorman Falls is steep!! Just the last 5 minutes...not the whole trail.  There's a chain link rope to hold onto so it's not too hard...for adults. I would say ages 5 and up will be fine...under 5 and it might be tricky to get them down to see the falls. Just something to think about if you're hiking with little ones.

From what we read, the second best trail at Colorado Bend State Park is Spicewood Canyon Trail.  Apparently it runs along a spring and people can easily just hop in the water for a quick swim. We had this on our agenda but due to recent storms the trail was closed....bummer!! Definitely planning to head back again to check it out though!!

Camping at Colorado Bend State Park

I'd say sites 18-25 are the best!!  They're all right along the river and have gorgeous views!! They are "walk-in" sites but you really don't have to walk very far. It's worth the walk!! Sites 1-17 are also along the river but they look a little more crowded.  If you're camping with a big group, then I'd definitely recommend the River Group Site.
Camping at Colorado Bend State Park
Camping at Colorado Bend State Park

Kayaking at Colorado Bend State Park

The state park office has kayaks to rent or you can also check out the Bend General Store for kayak rentals.  If you're having a really good weekend, you can even get married at the Bend General Store for just $43.88!!! What a discount!! Too bad we got married already....hahaha.

Weekend at Colorado Bend State Park
Bend General Store

Cave Tours at Colorado Bend State Park

Yes there are caves at Colorado Ben State Park!! Cave tours are always a fun little adventure...and it's a nice break from the heat!! It's normally 72 degrees in the cave...aaahhh!!!!  For more info on cave tours, check out their website at cbcaves.com.

Leaving Colorado Bend State Park

On the way back home...why not stop at a few wineries?!?!? We stopped at Fiesta Winery, which is about a 15 minute drive from the entrance of Colorado Bend State Park. They have a wonderful outdoor atmosphere and a nice variety of wines.  After Fiesta Winery stop by Stoneledge Winery...just about 10 minutes from Fiesta Winery. Definitely a nice way to end the weekend!!

Fiesta Winery
Fiesta Winery

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