Quick and Easy Stuffing

Easy Stuffing Recipe

Growing up I was responsible for the stuffing....which I now know is the hardest and most time consuming recipe we make at Thanksgiving/Christmas!! As a teenager it would take me 3-4 hours to make!! I'm a little faster now but it's a lot of work to make Louise's Famous Stuffing.  If you have the time then I'd recommend Louise's Famous Stuffing...but if you're short on time check out the recipe below!! 

Christmas Grief Activity

Holiday Grief Lesson

The holidays can be so hard for our students who are struggling with grief. Everyone around them is celebrating...and they're in pain...missing their loved one. This is a wonderful little lesson I did with my grief group right before the holidays.

Beginners Guide to Decorating Sugar Cookies

Decorating Sugar Cookies for Beginners

I just LOVE cookie decorating!! I may not be the best at it...but over the years I've definitely improved!! I've taken some cookie decorating classes, watched online tutorials, asked my friends (who decorate cookies professionally) for advice, and just learned from trial and error.  The one thing I've learned is that there's definitely an art to cookie decorating....and it takes lots of practice and patience!! 

Now I'll be honest...I don't really practice cookie decorating. It's a lot of work and I never wanted to be a professional cookie decorator...I just wanted my Christmas cookies to look decent!!  So whether you're just starting off or you're just wanting to step up you Christmas cookie game...you've come to the right place!! I'm going to share my favorite recipes, helpful websites/tutorials, helpful cookie decorating accessories, and some other tricks I've learned over the years. 

DIY: Rae Dunn Inspired Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Are you in love with Rae Dunn but can't afford to spend that much $$$ on Christmas Ornaments?? Well if you're like me and you want that Rae Dunn look on a teacher income...don't worry...I've got the solution for you!! You can easily make some Rae Dunn inspired Christmas ornaments for under $15 (assuming you already have a Cricut).  If you don't have a Cricut...don't worry!! You can purchase the vinyl words for about $10 on The Rusty Cowgirl Etsy Shop and skip to Step Four below.