DIY: Rae Dunn Inspired Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Are you in love with Rae Dunn but can't afford to spend that much $$$ on Christmas Ornaments?? Well if you're like me and you want that Rae Dunn look on a teacher income...don't worry...I've got the solution for you!! You can easily make some Rae Dunn inspired Christmas ornaments for under $15 (assuming you already have a Cricut).  If you don't have a Cricut...don't worry!! You can purchase the vinyl words for about $10 on The Rusty Cowgirl Etsy Shop and skip to Step Four below.

Tip: Check online for a 40% off coupon to save some money!! 

Step One: Gather your supplies and start picking the words you'd like to add to your ornaments. I chose the following words: Merry, Peace, Joy, Noel, Give, Cheer, Jesus, Rejoice, Jingle, Faith, Blessed, and Family. You can pick whatever words speak to can do reindeer names, Christmas songs, family names, etc.

Step Two: Next you're going to download "The Skinny" font from All of their fonts are free and super cute!! You'll click download font, extract all, click on the "OpenType Font File", and click install.

DIY Rae Dunn Ornaments

Step Three: Now open your Cricut program and type your words. I'd recommend making your words bold so that they're easier to work with. Then double check the size your words compared to your ornaments. Now you're ready for your Cricut to cut. Once your Cricut has cut out all of the words, separate the words and weed the extra vinyl.

DIY Rae Dunn Ornaments

 Step Four: The trickiest part of this whole project is transferring the vinyl to your ornaments. The letters are super thin (which is why I suggest making the font bold) and it's always hard to transfer vinyl to a round surface.  Just take your time and be patient!! 

DIY Rae Dunn Ornaments

Step Five: Last step...add a cute ribbon to the ornament as a finishing touch. You can tie the ribbon to the top or you can hot glue it onto the top of the ornament. I haven't added my ribbons yet because I can't decide on our "Christmas Tree Theme"...but as soon as I do I'll add a cute ribbon to each ornament. 

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