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Peloton commercials are everywhere right now...everyone's thinking about their New Years Resolutions and working towards their "bikini body"!!  Peloton has built a great spin bike...they have an attached screen where you can stream into live classes from your home!! And they have thousands of spin classes available for's amazing!! Why not get one and just try it out?!?!  I'll tell you why...the price tag!! A Peloton bike costs over $2000!!! TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS!! You've got to be a serious biker to "try out" a Peloton bike. This isn't something you buy for your New Years Resolution hoping it'll motivate you to work out...this is something for serious bikers!!  Or someone who has an extra $2000 laying around....and that's not me!!

Luckily there are VERY affordable alternatives to the Peloton bike!!  I've spent a few months reading about alternatives and trying the different options out there....I've finally found what I would call the "best alternative"!!

Let's start with the spin bike...set your budget and start looking. There are a lot of options on Amazon...most decent bikes are going to cost between $200 and $300.  If that's over your budget...don't worry!! You can easily find a used spin bike on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for $50 to $100...and used workout equipment is the best!! A lot of used workout equipment is practically brand new!!

My Set Up

Once you have your spin bike, then you're going to want to download the Peloton App and subscribe to the Peloton Digital Membership (about $13 a month). You're probably wondering why you're subscribing to Peloton if you don't have a Peloton bike??  Well here's the secret...YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A PELOTON BIKE TO DO THE PELOTON CLASSES!!  You only need the Peloton Digital Membership and then you can do the classes on any spin bike!! There are other cycling apps available...I did a free trial on all of them AND I took classes on YouTube.  Trust me though...Peloton is by far the best!!  Peloton has more music options, more classes available, easier filters to select a class, better instructors, and other workout classes available as well. The Peloton App has running, strength, bootcamp, stretching, cardio, and yoga classes available in addition to the cycling classes.
Screenshot of my Peloton App 

 Now that you have the Peloton App, you've got to set up a way for you to view the classes. I used to watch the classes on my tablet which I connected to the bike using this handy little clamp ($13 on Amazon). But a few weeks ago the Peloton App became available on the Fire Stick!!  So now I watch the classes on our old TV that we moved into the workout room!! It's awesome!!

Next you're going to need to buy the Wahoo Sensor for about $60-$70 on Amazon. The Wahoo Sensor will attach to your bike pedal and display your cadence through the Wahoo App.  I went for a month without the Wahoo Sensor because I was being cheap...but you need it!! Otherwise you have no idea how fast you're peddling. When the instructor tells you to get to 110 need to know how fast that is!!  The Wahoo Sensor seriously helped me step up my game!! You'll also need to purchase a cell phone holder for your bike so you can keep an eye on your cadence through the Wahoo App. My cell phone holder was the cheapest I could find ($6) get's the job done!!

Screenshot of my Wahoo App

So what's the difference between using the app on my own spin bike verse the Peloton bike?? Well if you don't have the Peloton Bike...then the instructors can't call out your name to help motivate you and you can't "compete" in the class. When I say "compete" I mean you can't see your stats compared to the others in the class or get on the leader board. This doesn't bother me though. I don't workout to compete...I just workout to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I also don't need to pay $2000 so that someone can say "Good job Jessica, it's you're 100th ride today"...I can do that myself for free!!

Overall I paid about $414 for my spin bike, accessories, and Peloton Digital Membership!!  That's about 25 percent of the Peloton bike...definitely a better alternative in my opinion!!

experience peloton at a fraction of the cost

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Peloton and was not compensated for this post.

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