Guide to Creating a Quarantine Schedule

Quarantine Schedule for Kids

How is the whole working from home and managing your kids at the same time thing going for ya? I’m just going to guess that the first few days were fun but then reality hit. Now the kids are arguing over toilet paper and it’s almost impossible to find a quiet place to conference call your boss.  So how do we find the calm amidst all of this chaos?

The answer is actually pretty simple, create a schedule. 

Meatloaf Mondays

Meatloaf Monday Recipe

I don't know what weekly meals your family had growing up but we had Meatloaf Mondays!! YUM!!! Now if my mom is reading this she's probably thinking "I didn't make meatloaf every Monday"...which would be a true statement.  But whenever mom would ask us what we'd like to eat that week for dinner...Meatloaf Monday may or may not have been chanted. It's definitely one of our favorite meals and if we're really lucky mom will make us meatloaf for Christmas instead of turkey!! hahahaha...we're an odd a group I know!!  But if you're interested in joining our Meatloaf Mondays tradition check out the recipe below.

Grief Self-Exploration House

Grief House Activity

Y'all know me....always trying new things in my counseling office!! This week I did a new activity with my grief group kiddos and I think it went really well!! I read about the Grief Self-Exploration House activity on the The Tristesse Grief Center Blog. I changed one or two things but I love this lesson they created!

Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

healthy chicken and wild rice soup

I'm going to call this an award winning soup!! My coworker made this soup for a competition we had at work and she got 2nd place!! So's now award winning!! I stole the recipe from her and made a few minor adjustments to make it a tad bit healthier. Notice I'm not calling it healthy...just a "tad bit healthier"...hahaha...enjoy!!