Palmetto State Park

Palmetto State Park Guide

I love meeting new people and hearing about their adventures! I spoke to someone on Instagram recently who recommended Palmetto State Park so I added it to my to do list!! Definitely didn't disappoint...great weekend getaway!! Here are some highlights/tips for your next trip to Palmetto State Park:

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Farmhouse Kitchen Table with Trestle Legs

When we moved into our house I was dying to build a farmhouse kitchen table!! I had a ton of ideas saved on Pinterest and I was super excited to get started on our custom made table. Then as I started really reading all of my material, I realized I didn't have any actual plans!! I had a lot of pictures and a lot of tips...but zero plans!! I was even willing to buy plans online but I couldn't find any that fit what I wanted. So I did some reading, half-way created some plans myself, and then told Neil we were ready!! I knew some of my calculations would have to be done on the spot...which got a little awkward when Neil would ask for the next cut and I didn't have an answer yet.  He quickly figured out I was kind of winging this whole project...but no stress...I'm semi-decent at math!!

So after all of our hard work I wanted to share our designs with everyone because I know how hard it can be to find plans online!! Also...just as an FYI...this is the first piece of furniture we've built from scratch.  So it's a pretty basic design and a great project for beginners!!